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Critter's Rage: The AD and HIT


Rage and I have decided to embark on the anabolic diet while implementing high intensity training. I have made this log to keep ourselves motivated and accountable while providing real world feedback to anyone interested in these programs. Any help, comments, or criticisms are welcome. Keep in mind that Rage and I both plan on competing in natural bodybuilding in the future and could use all the help we can get.

Info on the Anabolic Diet: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_mass/eat_like_a_man_part_i_test_driving_the_anabolic_diet

Info on High Intensity Training: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/the_rebirth_of_hit


Here is a look at the program we will be performing for the first six weeks of High Intensity Training. I found this to be very odd that there would be no variation in exercises for 6 weeks but I made a commitment to try this program so I am sticking with it.

Each exercise is performed for one set of 8-12 reps with a weight that forces you to reach muscular failure with near perfect form:

Leg Curls
Leg Extension
Leg Press
Straight Arm Pullovers w/ 1 Db
Bench Press w/ Bb
Bent Over Rows w/ Bb
Shoulder Press w/ Bb
Biceps Curl w/ Bb
Overhead Triceps Extension w/ 1 Db
Wrist Curls w/ Bb
Standing Calf Raises
Trunk Curls

We had our first workout today and it was absolutely brutal. I am not putting up any numbers today because we have not yet found all of our 8-12 reps to failure weights. Rage and I plan on putting pictures and measurements up sometime on Saturday. With the anabolic diet, weight can fluctuate so we decided pictures would be best on the morning before the carb loads.


Anabolic Diet Foods... Everything we eat during the week:
Beef (varying levels of lean)
Chicken Breast
Roast Beef
Sugar Free Jello
Whip Cream
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Supplements Include:
Multi Vitamin + D3 + E
Fruit and Vegetable powders
BCAAs and EAAs
Presurge Unleashed/ Jack3d (pre workout)
Beta Alanine
Flax Oil, Fish Oil


I'm obligated to follow the log of a fellow ADer :slight_smile: Good luck man!

I've got one of my own if you wanna stop by:



Hey I just checked out your log. Great work so far man! I didn't notice anything about you being on the AD in your log. Are you following that diet now? How is it working for you?

Also my workout program is a lot different from yours but you have inspired me to bring a camera and record myself doing some incredibly boring HIT exercises!



I took the day off because my body is still really sore from Tuesday's workout! For only 1 set of 8 -12 reps per body part I was surprised to be this sore.

Rage still trained and got closer to the numbers she should be using on this program.

We have decided to modify a few of the exercises so that we can work the target muscles more thoroughly. Bent over barbell rows will be seated rows and triceps extensions with the dumbbell will be some cable variation.

Pictures, Videos, Actual workout numbers all to come soon...


I figured I should actually post something on here since it is partially my log and people can stop questioning whether or not I exist.

Critter88 has done well explaining our plans for the upcoming months so I won't bore you all with repeating it.

I will say that I did have my doubts about it all, doing the SAME routine for six weeks in a row, eliminated ALL carb sources, doing ONE set per exercise...It all sounds pretty different than most of the mainstream stuff. However, after 17 days of this I'm already seeing some changes.

For now I'm approaching all this with a slightly different goal in mind than Critter88. I've been training (correctly) for about 9 months now, and have yet to achieve a level of leanness that comes with this lifestyle. I even suffered all the way through the Velocity diet, lost 8lbs and when I returned to solid food gained 4lbs back.

So, for the next few weeks here's what I'll be doing to try to drop (at least) 5lbs by May 22nd. Why May 22nd? Well, I'll be receiving my BFA that day and I want to look my best!

Current Weight: 128lbs
BF%: 18%
Height: 5'5"

Off Days:
1600 calories
106g Fat
130g Pro

30g Carbs

Workout Days:
1900 calories
130g Fat
152g Pro

30g Carbs

I'll weight train 3 times a week, followed by 40 minutes of SS cardio. On two of my off days I'll do a 20 minute session of HIIT, followed by 10 minutes of SS cardio. I have two days of complete rest.

Well that's a start, as Critter88 said, photos and measurements and all that good stuff will come soon!