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Critques/ or Advice on My First Cycle


I have been on the forums for about a month but never posted only creeped. I’m trying to keep this post short and sweet.
Back ground stats about myself:
Age: 24
Height 5’9"
Weight:205 lbs
Bf % around 10-12% I have solid abs and a good frame, but I don’t really know.
Max Bench 305lbs , Back squat 425 lbs, Deadlift 545 lbs all natural weak bench I know…
4 years of good lifting experience

After reading the stickies, people’s posts, and talking to friends this is my first cycle i’ve came up with.

Test Enth 200mg/ E3D so 400mg a week1-4
300 mg/E3D so 600mg a week5-12

Adex .5 mg/ EOD week1-14 tapering to .25mg last 2 weeks

HCG 250ui / E3D week 2-14 500ui a week total

PCT Starts 2 weeks after last pin
Clomid 25mg daily w 14-20

Nolva on standby for possible gyno symptoms if any
Any advice and critiques would be greatly appreciated. I also have MK-2866 Ostarine, some people say to use it in the PCT some say not to, looking for advice on that as well, if anybody has tried this.


Looks good.

I would just run 600mg a week from the start. It slowly builds anyway so no point starting lower and increasing really. 600mg is a nice amount to start with for your first cycle. Should be able to run this amount for a few cycles and make solid progress.


Awesome, thanks for the reply, I have enough to start at 600 so i’ll do that!