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Critque Please


So doing my first meet in November and just looking for any possible critique. Am working with a very experienced lifter already but cant hurt to have a few opinions correct.

These are not the best angle as our gym is pretty small and completely full wall to wall with shit so its hard to get a good camera set up some times thanks.

With this video I had a weird setup I have a hard time getting the extra long bar centered correctly for what ever reason so that why I had the weird adjust at the beginning.

425 for 4


530 done 2 weeks ago.


305lbs. I hit this weight the guy didn't touch it and if you listen closely I am even able to say I have it he just jumped the gun. I have since hit 315 the video is on here as well but the angle is horrible for any kind of critique.


um.... beast.


Hey man, lifts look great all over.

For your squat it looks great, i personally squat with different form and heels, but you get depth and you look strong. The only thing I'd recommend is not to neglect front squats to keep your quads strong so you get out of the hole with max weights.

Your dead lift was a good strain, congrats. The one thing I noticed right away is that you let your hips shoot right up from the start and sumo stiff leffed it... that's an actual technique.

One of the things with the way you squat is that you don't get very good quad stimulation from it, and when your quads are weak you'll have a tough time getting deadlifts started off the ground as at the start is all leg extension if you're doing it properly.

Deadlifts to the knees do a tremendous job of building the start of the dead lift. They teach you to lock your torso and drive with the legs.

Your bench looked good.

I know you asked for advice, but between you and me I'd probably delete the thread and just stick with your training partners if they're good... note I said good and not experienced. I can take a dump and put it in a box and let it sit for 5 years... but it's still an experienced piece of crap.


Thanks man yeah my partner is Sam Byrd if you know the name he elite powerlifter sponsored by Animal. In 4 weeks at Capo he is going to Squat 900 RAW at 220 so he is "good". But its just one of those thing for a second opinion. Like what you said with the Deadlift he believes I start to low and my hips shoot up to where they need to be so two different opinions not saying either is wrong but none the less its not a bad idea to atleast look at what you have suggested. Thank you for the advice and kind words and will def be looking into it.


Hahaha... I used to idolize Sam, he used to be my favorite powerlifter. I wrote him on Facebook telling him how I'd followed him and read all the training logs he'd posted over the years... He never replied, lol.

Don't make the mistakes I did, I used to train with the best lifters around, but then I had some issues come up and stopped listening and got defensive and emotional. I lose the privilege, and it's going to take me much longer to do what I want because of it. You'll never get a better mentor than Sam Byrd, enjoy man, i'm jealous.


Trust me man I got extremely lucky and listen to everything the guy has to say and don't plan on fucking it up anytime soon. I couldn't get any luckier than just happening to live down the road from him he doesn't even charge me for training haha I am def counting my blessings.