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Critque Please


Im 19 years old been hittin the gym cnsistanty for about a year now. any advice


Looks like I am the first.

Try reading the rules for posting.


ahh i did not read them =P i will fix it



Legs pick is mandatory. Pick of your back, front turn the actual lights on and take off flash. THIS ISNT MYSPACE


it was accident u jaggoff calm urself


  1. Jagg off

A contest in which two individuals must do an impersonation of Mick Jagger when the other says, "do your best jagg."

"What's going on?"
"We're having a Jagg off. Hey Tom! Do your best Jagg!"


Thats hilarious hahahaha


Nice pants, what is that velvet?


When you hit the gym as hard and "cnsistanty" like OP said...then you tend to piss yourself..


wow this website is full of jerks lol... not the humble people i thought it would.. thanks for the comments guys.. n critique


Post a non-ridiculously shitty pic and maybe people will give you some constructive feedback. As it stands, you have a piece of shit picture with you wearing velvet pants. The response you received should have been expected. Anyways, continue...


Critique: you look like you've gained enough size to look big in a poorly lit/bad-angled shot - but not enough to look anywhere near as impressive as you'd like to in a well-lit, head to toe photograph- but post some up and people will give you at least something advice-like


"I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable."
- George Costanza


Is that your boyfriends name tattooed on your chest?


Alright, I'll attempt to explain this to you so you can understand why the people here are "less than accommodating" to your first post on T-Nation.

You have posted 1 (crappy) picture of yourself and asked a forum of hardcore bodybuilders and powerlifters to "Rate your Physique" and give you advice on how to improve yourself.

  1. How is anyone supposed to determine this with that picture?
  2. What are your goals? How can anyone rate how you are doing, if you don't tell us what your goals are?
  3. What is your workout program now (other than cnsistanty)? If we don't know what you are doing now, how can we offer advice on what you should be doing to support your not-stated goals.
  4. What are you eating? If we don't know what you are eating now, how can we offer advice on what you should be eating to support your not-stated goals.

The guys on here are giving you shit because, based on your post, and lack of research, you deserve it. This isn't a site where everyone is going to coddle you and tell you how special you are. We are going to give you the brutal, honest truth. If you are looking for a bunch of dudes to tell you that you have "Hawt Abz", then you have come to the wrong place. If you don't like the snarky responses you are getting from people, follow the rules, show some humility, and then you may get some constructive feedback.

Hope this helps. If not, I look forward to reading all the funny posts.


Well said.

Now do your best Jagg.


^^ Challenge accepted puts on "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and starts pouting and strutting through my apartment




How did you get that picture of me...


Self taken.

I attached a picture of me just jaggin' it out. That was from last friday. I took the bus to a special Mick Jagger Jagg-Off night and as soon as I got there, I jagged my way to my table so people would know I was a serious jagger, as I was jagging before the jagg off even started.