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Critque my workout?!

Here is a workout i made up
Note: i do not currently do this workout but i wanted to see what you all think? Is this workout realistic or does it seem a bit much?

Weeks: 1-3
Monday (chest focused):
Incline Dumbells 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Flat Bench Bar 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Cable Fly 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Squats 2x6-8
Extensions 2x6-8
Pull-Ups 2x6-8
Cable Rows 2x6-8
Traps workout
Ab circuit

Tuesday: 0ff/cardio

Wednesday (back focused):
Lat Pull Downs 4x6-8 311 – Spot Failure
Chin Ups 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Cable Row 4x6-8 201 – Spot Failure
Incline Dumbells: 2x6-8 301
Cable Fly 2x6-8 301
Leg Curls 2x6-8
Calfs 2x6-8
Low Back Routine
Ab circuit

Thursday: off/cardio

Friday (leg focused):
Squats 4x6-8 211–Spot Failure
Leg Extensions 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Leg Curls 4x6-8 301 --Spot Failure
Calfs 4x6-8 201 --Spot Failure
Chin Ups 2x6-8 301
Bent Over Rows 2x6-8 301
Flat Bench Bar 2x6-8 301
Cable Fly 2x6-8 301
Lite Arm Workout (to finish them off for the weekend)
Ab circuit

Weekends: off/cardio

Weeks 4-6 Tempo Changes
Weeks 7-9 Heavier weight Drop Reps
weeks 10-12 Orginal Tempo, Heavier Weight

I am no pro at this just wanted to take a whirl at making a workout routine.

All Comments Welcome! Rip me up if this sucks please… haha

Where to start.

  1. Don’t go to failure.
  2. Cable Flys are almost completely worthless.
  3. What are the traps, Lower Back, and Light Arm workouts?
  4. If you’re squatting 2x a week, you don’t need to do more specific lower back work.
  5. You’re doing too many sets per workout.
  6. You do pullups one day, and the next day you do lat pulldowns to failure?
  7. Leg extensions and curls blow.
  8. If you’re working any movement twice a week, neither of them should be to failure.

Uhh… looking over this list, I’ll just say this:

This workout blows.

Go find Ian King’s ‘Limping’ and ‘Super Strenth’ workouts and do them. They’ll teach you how to build your own workouts, as you do them.