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Critque My Workout and Advise

Ok well a little about me I do jiu jitsu and boxing. I am an x wrestler 5’6" 195(most of my fat around my mid section and face) if you see me you can tell i used to work out or did sports. My main goal is to walk around 170-180 with a health amount of body fat.

I am gonna start to compete again in grappling i want to cut the fat and replace it with muscle I know the guys that compete at 145 and 160 cut like 20 lbs before a comp. I am confused with all the info. about suppliments and dieting. i would apperciate your help in helping come up with a supliment combo. that works for building muscle.

i am eating healthier(which is my biggest problem) and trying to hold all my calorie intake to 1900 i try to eat my whole grains, leaner protiens and more greens. I currently take a multi vitamin, fish oil and glucosamine , nitro core protien powder, creatine, and glutamine podwer.i want to get built like a spratan from 300(i know laugh now…hahaha) Below is my weekly work out:

Monday and thursday(every other saturday)
530-900 pm
jiu jitsu and boxing
conditioning work out last hour of practice
sets 3-4 reps 10-20
compound chops(AB elastic bands)
compound back extentions(AB bands)
band rotations
rotational squats (bodyweight)
side lunges
rotational split jump squats(with 12 lbs medacine ball)
jump squats
t-stand push ups
band punches
compound press(AB bands)
explosive cross over push ups(with medacine ball)
band rows (AB bands)

second work out:
timed each station 30 seconds
jump squats
mountain climbers
sit outs
run in place
push ups
mountain climbers
run in place

Tues and friday (every other sun.) strength and conditioning:

warm up with a light jog the stretch
warm up work out(team quest workout)
set 4-6 reps 6-8 barbell 45lbs plus 15 lbs added
bent over rows
up right rows
military press
good morning
lunges to each side
squats to explosive push press
straight leg dead lift
rest 8 mins

power lifts
sets 3-4 reps 6-8
clean pull
snatch pull

rest 8-10 mins.

5x5(75% max with 10 lbs increase (if possible) every week)
olympic squat
bench press
barebell press
ab work out
tricep work out

front squat
military press
dead lift
pull ups

same as monday.

tues. friday. sunday.(after 5x5 work out)
10 min rest then
agility drills foot work(nfl combine style with jump boxes)

15 min rest
sets 4 reps 8
chin ups(30 second rest)
dips(30 second rest)
t push ups(30 second rest)
inverted rows(30 second rest)

ab routine then cool down and stretch

i only get sore when i go more then 4 days of not working out(cause of work) am i doing to much? what diet tips and suppliments do you guys recomend to get max results from all the work outs. I know i will get flamed becuase its my first post and its big i just am confused with all the info i have read.


God you must have some SERIOUS recovery abilitys to do all this. Wow.

And all on 1900 calories a day and plans to add 10 lbs/week to your lifts? Sorry - no can do. Find a good strength training template and stick to that.

what templates would you recommend doing? some weeks i feel like a chicken with my head cut off. thats why i am lost and looking for advise. The diet is my hardest thing to get right i either to far left or to far right. thanks

[quote]jstylesco01 wrote:
what templates would you recommend doing? some weeks i feel like a chicken with my head cut off. thats why i am lost and looking for advise. The diet is my hardest thing to get right i either to far left or to far right. thanks[/quote]
5/3/1, Westside, Rippetoe’s Starting Strength to name a few. Do some research. Pick a tried and tested routine and stick to that for a while.

I started to write a bunch of stuff, but it just got to be way too much.

I’ll take a step out here and tell you the truth - you need to figure out what you want to do (seriously).

  • You want to build a decent physique, dailing in at 180lbs (meaning you walk around offseason at 220ish)
  • You want to loose bodyfat and drop 20lbs of fat
  • You want to do all this Mu Shu Pork stuff
  • You want to do it all on 1900 calories

Every single one of those is completely opposite the rest, so make a decision.

Once you got a decision, come back and post in the right forum - You want to drop weight/bodyfat - great lets move to the conditioning forum; you want to build a physique - great re-post in the beginner forum or post in the bb forum; want to do your Mu Shu Pork stuff - great post in the combat sports forum; want to have diet on 1900 calories and do ANYTHING remotely good - dream on.

At 1900 cals and doing all that you are, you’ve actually programmed your body to store whatever you consume as good ol’ 100% pure US Grade-A fat… You’re doing exactly the same as the chick that wants to drop weight, so starts eating bird seed… Wonders why she looks like a train wreck but still has a bunch bodyfat.

If you want to look like a spartan then; DEADLIFT, BENCH-PRESS, PULL-UPS, SQUAT, CURL and DIPS.

Whoopiedoe? That’s Arnolds “Golden six” workout! Go heavy on every excersise and leave everything in the gym. Eat alot of food and watch yourself grow.

1900 kcal to gain weight? That must be a joke. You are indeed like a chicken with your head cut off. Go and read CT’s articles for beginners…