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Critque My Upper/Lower Body W/O


I have had a short layoff and am getting back into training, so I am thinking of going with an upper/lower split with mainly compounds. Haven't decided on the set/rep range yet, but this is the layout:

Day 1 Upper
Incline DB
weighted pull-ups
upright row
bb curls

Day 2 Lower
Power clean

Day 4 Upper
BB Row
Military press
Weighted push-ups
Weighted chins
close-grip bench

Day 5 Lower
Front Squat

Cardio on off days


WHAT?! No curls or leg extensions?!?!

Actually, work out looks pretty good. Pretty similar to what I'm doing.


Doesn't look bad, try it for awhile,monitor your results, before and after. compound exercises are the way to go


Coming off a break that looks like a lot of work especially with cardio on the off-days. I would modify it to 3 days per week and do total body. I always do that and it works great. I get in good shape, I get strong, and I always am pumped to train.