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Critque My Strength Routine


The goal is to continue to build strength and add some size.
Any thoughts would be great.

Lower Body
Deadlift 5/3/1
Front Squat 4x8
Lunge 3x8
Leg Press 3x8-12
Hamstring Curls 3x15

Upper Body
DB Row 4x4-6
Bench Press 5/3/1
Military Press 4x8
Wide Grip Pulldown4x8
Push Ups 3xFailure
Cable Rows 3x15

Lower Body
Back Squat 5/3/1
Romanian Deadlifts 3x8-12
Spilt Squat 3x8
Step Ups 3x8-12
Leg Extensions 3x15

Upper Body
Chin Ups 4x4-6
Hang Clean and Press 5/3/1
BB Row 4x8
Incline Press 4x8
Face Pulls 3x8-12
Dips 3xFailure


im assuming this is a 4 day split....these seem like pretty intense workouts. honestly i dont think you need to add so many supplemental moves to the main lifts, just maybe 1 or 2 a workout. plus, if you can do all this is one workout your intensity cant be high the whole time. take a few exercises out and go all out on maybe 3 a workout. thats my opinion


Seems like you're not going to be getting the Intensity shirt


i didnt say lose the intensity, i said cut the supplemental stuff because its too long and you wouldnt be giving your all at the end of the workout




Take your strength routine out of the damn bodybuilding forum. This isnt a random dumpster for anything that involves physical activity that is greater than getting out of bed.



ignoramus with the blasphemous screen name.

get the reference or gtfo.


sry, bodybuilders don't know how to get strong.


What has this world come to... that is, what has the lifting community come to?

The guy wants to get strong, he wants to get big. People are already tearing him apart, just because he mentioned the word strength. Are we all not for the endeavor of getting both bigger AND stronger? So his routine isn't 'pure bodybuilding', but I don't see this guy doing a powerlifting routine or competing in a powerlifting meet, thus, he shouldn't post in the powerlifting sub-forum, he should post here... here in the Bodybuilding forum where folks are trying to get BIGGER and STRONGER.

People show no support these days and are quick to shoot people down. The old-timers of the 50s, 60s, and 70s would be disgusted with the lack of camaraderie.


get rid of the front squat and lunges on deadlift day...add calves

put all pressing first on upper...get rid of push ups...add a lateral raise variation after pressing...get rid of cable rows and put preacher curls...

for second lower, get rid of step ups...add calves

second upper...put pressing first....get rid of dips...add tricep pushdowns...

your routine still isn't ideal, but you will make progress in terms of strength and physique if you make these changes....


Thanks for the support, what are your thoughts on the workout plan.
Too much, too little.
What changes would you make to it?


Thank You, its that bonez douchebag


What do you mean "Thank you"?
3 exercises in a workout isn't bodybuilding.


Damn, some days I only do two movements.


Dude isnt even training his arms.

That routine is nothing close to something a bodybuilder would follow. And obviously the OP has no intention of looking like a bodybuilder.

And I hope that last line is a joke, unless you are 75 years old.


Lol yea, youre right.

the thread should have definitely been closed after you posted your advice. OP would definitely be huge if he followed it. Kudos. You win an internet.


Yeah he's not training arms, but at least he's doing some dips and chins which can build some pretty decent arms. I'm not saying his routine is optimal, but he's already on the right path focusing on the big movements, dips, chins, squats, etc.

And I said myself the routine isn't anything a bodybuilder would follow, but why does the bodybuilding forum have to be just 'pure bodybuilding?' How many people are actually competing here? Why can't it be for people who want to get bigger AND stronger? Why can't people have a strength-oriented routine, with 'getting bigger' as a plus? Why, when someone mentions the word 'strength', people release the hounds in that person? Like I said, we are all in the endeavor of getting bigger and stronger, so we should only see constructive criticism in this thread. The guy isn't competing in powerlifting or lifting like a powerlifter, so I don't see why he can't post in this sub-forum.

And the last line isn't a joke, I don't see why you think it is. I've read a lot of books from the big names of the 50s/60s/70s, and the tone they bring out in their writings about the sense of unity between lifters would dismiss this garbage. Are you not part of the Brotherhood of Iron?


No one in the brother hood of iron is lifting 3 days a week. Thats considered active recovery.

If someones routine doesnt even hit all the muscle groups

I realize youre just saying this stuff just for the sake of it. And probably trolling by saying that people have built pretty decent arms with chins and dips. Bullshit. Fuck, this is a retarded discussion. And also trolling by implying that people who actually take bodybuilding seriously arent getting stronger.

Its nice that you read books about 'big names'. I dont see any 'big names' conversing here. Do you think every single person felt the same way because they lived within the same 3 decade span?

Can you answer this honetly please. If you frequented the powerlifting or O-lifting forum and someone came in and posted a thread titled "Critique my hypertrophy routine" and then outlined Jay Cutlers exact split comprised of 2 hour sessions chock full of HS machine work and FST7 training, what do you think would happen?


Where do you think he should post his question? Beginners forum?

What if an "advanced"* lifter had the same goals and wanted constructive criticism on his program, where should he post?

*Use whatever definition you want.


ok the guy made a mistake and this thread probably doesnt belong here, but you didnt have to say it the way you did


An advanced lifter would never need to make a post like this. That conclusion is implied by the term 'advanced'

I dont care where its posted. But a question that has fuck all to do with bodybuilding and EXPLICITLY states the goal is strength does not have use in the bodybuilding forum.

If you and others believe this thread is worthwhile why are you talking to me? Why arent you assisting the OP