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Critque My Routine :)

hi i’ve been training for about 1.5 years, pushing myself everyday to eat and train. I’ve spent a fair bit of dosh on food etc and i’d really like to feel like im getting my moneys worth…

Currently around 205lbs with a fair bit of chub. I eat 400g of protien a day, same amount of carbs and around 100-120g of fat a day. I realise this is probably way too much but have read on here the advice of eating 4500ish cals a day if you cant build no fukin muscle so i do it lol

My diet is as follows:

meal 1

2 potatoes
chicken breast or whey protein
pint of whole milk
bannana or fruit juice

post workout

1 energy drink (70gs of carbs)
50-70gs of whey protein

post post w.o

2 potatoes or a small pizza
chicken or tuna
pint of whole milk
scoop of whey
bannana or fruit juice (switch from what i had from brekky)

meal 4

2 potatoes
whole milk

meal 5

2 tins of tuna or 1 tin + scoop of whey
mixed veg + whole milk

or some kind of beef casserole

meal 6

chicken breast and pint of whole milk

i used to be very small (due to a torn rotar cuff which completly messed my body up) and although i like ‘being bigger’. I’d like to look like i work out.

My strength levels are:

squat- 6 plates for 9 reps last week

db rows- 50 kgs for 15 reps

deadlifts- 7 plates for 4 reps

db bench- 70 kgs for 9 reps

calf standing - 240 kgs for 11 reps

leg press - 16 plates for 6 reps

i have been following a 5 day split but would like some advice on switching it up a little, to a more Prof X style training routine i guess (or whatever will pack the pounds on :slight_smile:



db flat bench ramped to a top set of 6-10

incline machine press ramped to top set of 6-10

machine seated chest press ramped

tricep extensions ramped

overhead extensions ramped


squat ramped to a top set of 6-12

leg press ramped

leg extension 4 sets straight

ham curls ramped

back extensions 4 sets straight


20 mins cardio


bb seated mil press ramped

machine press ramped

lateral raise cable straight

lat raise machine straight


db rows ramped

old skool t bar rows ramped

lat pulldowns ramped

shrugs or rear delts (switched every week)

db curls ramped

db preacher curls ramped


20 mins cardio



i had been doing a little more for my back- 2 thickness and 2 width (i.e deads + db rows, pulldowns + pullovers) but having read his threads it seems best to pick a few and get strong at them. My chest is also terrible. My pulling is way better than pushing.

when you ramp on your secondary exercises i take it that you could go;

(t bar rows:

3 plates x5

3+10kg x3 reps

4 plates x amap (8 reps)

then move on. or also

3 plates x8

4 plates x8 reps

and either would be sufficient volume for that exercise. i know this has been covered before so a simple yes or no will suffice :slight_smile:


calves with shoulders on thursday

standing seated calves ramped

seated calves ramped

i’ve also been reading alot of C_C’s posts and he seems to suggest something like:


flat db press
incline machine



leg press widowmaker 1 set 20rep (form usually goes on high rep squats)
ham curl


bb mil press
lat raise

calves standing


db row
lat pulldown
shrug/rear delt (alternate week to week)

db curls

should this be posted in the beginners ?

from the amount you wrote you should have posted it in THE OXFORD CONCISE DICTIONARY .

Lol sorry. I just wanted to give a good account of my diet, strength levels and training program, so someone could read through and not have to ask any more questions

I tend to do that.

by 6plate squat - do you mean 140kg(3 each side) or 280kg(6 each side), because your DB row is tiny compared to a 280kg squat, and i’ll call bullshit

If i squatted 280kg i doubt i’d have any trouble putting muscle on lol

So yeah 140kg…