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Critiquing My Squat


I suck at bb back squats and they have always felt awkward to me. I experimented and threw some 10 lb plates under both feet and squats have felt alot more “natural” to me. I am only doing 135 in the videos but am looking perfect my form before going heavier…let me know what u guys think i need to work on thanks

From side

From back


You are squatting to a different depth in almost every rep. Is that on purpose?


no it isnt on purpose


Ill be honest, it looks better than most ive seen posted. I could be wrong but your a taller guy correct?


Taller i guess …6’1’’ bulldog


I posted on another forum and someone pointed out that my heels r comin up when exploding out of the hole and they def are.


It could be the shoes, cushioned sports shoes aren’t exactly the best for squatting in.


@jmoneymillionare like @Benanything points out cushions shoes are shit for squatting in… you might want to look into getting a hard sole shoe. In your case possibly one that is slightly elevated in the heel region,


Doesnt seem too bad. I would suggest ditching the plates under your feet and start squatting barefoot. Work on ankle/hip mobility as well


Im Squatting tmrw gna really work on ankle/calf mobility. Ill try barefoot. Ill take vids and compare…Mayb ill ask momma for some new shoes for christmas. Just had a baby , were a lil tight in the $ department haha


Ditched the plates underfoot and Squatted today barefoot after stretching/rollin out my calves and was able to keep my heels on the ground. Cant wait to slowly go heavy. Thanks boys