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Critiques, Questions - Diet + Supps

Here is my CURRENT diet for training days

Upon waking I have 3 BCAA capsules

Meal 1
4 whole scrambled eggs 3 strips bacon
Cal: 513 Fat: 37 Carb: 5 Pro: 34

After this meal I have a multivitamin and a fish oil capsule

Meal 2
8oz. Strip Steak + Mixed Nuts
Cal:390 F:23 C:7 P:40

Another fish oil capsule post meal

Meal 3
(8oz.) Chicken Caesar Salad
Cal: 450 F: 29.5 C:1.5 P:45.5

Meal 4 (Pre)
Body Fortress Shake (Poor Mans Surge made with milk). Also contains BCAAs
Cal:500 F:1.5 C: 65 P:31

Meal 5 (Immediately Post)
Cal: 340 F:2.4 C:46 P:25

Meal 6 (1 hour post)
Monster Shake (Grow!, yogurt, dry oats, banana, milk)
Cal:925 F:10.5 C:121 P:67

Meal 7
Sandwich, Apple, 16 oz. chocolate milk
Cal: 630 F:6 C: 93 P: 48.5

Fish Oil Capsule Post

I take 3 more BCAAs before bed

Grand Total
Cal: 3748 F:110 C:338.5 P:291

I have a salad because I want some vegetables (I got sick of broccoli and olive oil) and the salad dressing was easy fat with low Sat Fat. I weigh myself once a week and when my gains drop to 1 pound a week I add 500 calories. I am currently in a bulk if you hadn’t guessed and do CW’s Total Body Training which is three days a week. I used to do cardio but recently removed it again after too many fluctuations in weight and strength.

I am currently 6 foot 2 and 193 pounds. I htink my diet is pretty good but my question is on my carb timing. I have heard that I should start eating carbs 3 hours prior to workout for glycogen in addition to my pre-workout shake which has carbs. However, Berardi (who I modeled this diet from) has a P+F meal before workouts and then a recovery drink during exercise for his first P+F. His first P+C is DURING his workout. Don’t I need carbs for fuel before?

Also I would like some diet critiques and how are my supplements looking?

Diet in general looks damn good. id personally have carbs in the morning, no better time aside from around your w/o

As well and unless really cutting to extreme low levels BF% then with every meal, fruits and veggies = good. And your bulking

meal 7 48+ grams of protein??? that must be one hell of a sandwich like 1/2 lb of beef etc. Milk has what 8 grams for 8 oz. skim, thats 16 grams st;ill need 36 + sure your math is right

meal 2 fruit veggie

rest of then lok ok have food balanced food carbs arent the devil. stick to non simple processed sources aside from peri w/o. you wont need to stress having enough for energy for your w/o etc.

Find what works best for you pre work out and really all the time what works great for me or JB, or anyone may suck for you


I agree with Phil and think adding some good carbs like vegetables in with your scrambled eggs would be good. I used to make a huge omelete for breakfast and it was loaded with turkey ham, vegetables like broccoli and or green beans, and low fat mozzarela cheese, with a slice or two of whole wheat toast.


My meal seven is as follows. 2 slices of the bread I use has 10 grams of protein, 16 from the milk, 18 from the meat, and 4 from the cheese, equaling 48. I will definitely take your advice on the veggies and not fearing carbs in P+F. When I start adding in more calories, I’ll have some come from carbs and fruits and veggies. Any other critiques anybody? Are my supplements about right?

I just have a question:

On your off days, are you still following this diet, as in carbs in the later part of the day opposed to beginning?

No, on off days I switch the rotation. P+C come first and I end with P+F. I also take out the shakes and substitute real food for them. I don’t get all of the calories the next day but I make sure I definitely have enough protein, generally more.