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Critiques Anyone?

I have been bodybuilding for about half a year now. I started at 145 pds up to 175 pounds. I want to gain 10 more pds lean body mass and from there get lean and ripped. At the moment I’m doing intense leg work and back and chest work since my shoulders and arms seem to bulk and define easily. I’m just wondering what weaknesses people can see in my physique from a 3rd person perspective. Thank you for any help i may recieve.

The routine (for the following 4-6 weeks)


  1. 3-4 sets incline bench/cable row
  2. 4-5 sets flat bench/chinups
  3. 3 sets decline flys/reverse fly(dunno what it’s called)
    exercise/exercise means supersetted together


  1. 4 sets Squat
  2. 3 sets Deadlift
  3. 3 sets Goodmornings
  4. 6 sets cable shrugs from various angles and grips


  1. 3 sets barbell shoulder press
  2. 3 sets dumbbell shoulder press
  3. 3 sets lateral raises
  4. 5 sets cable curls/cable skull crushers


  1. 4-5 sets leg press
  2. 3 sets moving lunges
  3. 3 sets leg curls
  4. trap work like tues.

like Monday

continue lifting eat heavy and repost in 6-12 months good job on the progress and keep it up

Gained 30 pounds, stayed fairly lean - that’s good progress. Your program looks pretty good too.

The main thing I’d suggest changing is your goals - you think you’ll be happy with just 10 more pounds of LBM? Wouldn’t shooting for 200 pounds ripped be better? I’ve found myself revising my goals upwards a couple of times already.