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Just trying to get some people’s 2 cents on my current workout. Very Simple:

Day 1: Squats 3x 6
Deads 3x 6
Pullups 3 x 6

Day 2: Bench 3x 6
Cuban Press 3x 6
Dips 3x 6

Day 3: Rest


Oh yeah, here’s the stats:

Really Low bodyfat.

Basically I’m a skinny white boy that’s got some good shoulder and back definition. I know it isn’t popular, but I just came off a steady 2 months of kettlebell snatches and see-saw presses.

My meal breakdown tends to be:
Oatmeal and Grow
Cafeteria Chow
Tuna Sandwich
Cafeteria Chow
Grow after workout
Ramen Noodles and Sardines


What’s day 4? Is it day 1 again? What are you rest periods? How long have you been training for? What are you training for? How long are you going to stay with this program? Why so few sets? Are those max sets or do they inlcude warm up sets?..

You might want to exchange the deadlifts in wKt 1 with the cuban press in wkt 2. Pull-ups are an interior rotator, therefore you could superset them with the cuban press which is an exterior rotator. Separating the deads and squats on seperate days would leave you better rested. At 5’11 and 150lbs, I don’t think this would be the ideal workout for you. I’m assuming from the info you gave us that you are a relative beginner and therefore you need more volume to stimulate hypertrophy, assuming that is your goal. Such low rep ranges will not do this for you. Bump the reps up to 10-15, with some 6-10 for a couple weeks, then back to 10-15,etc. As a beginner you won’t have the neural capacity to make the most of the low rep ranges. I feel too many people look at the programs of advanced athletes and try to mimic them themselves. I know many people try to do this with the Westside based programs, and they work in the very low rep ranges but even Dave Tate says that the one common thing all the successfull lifters at Westside have in common is they spent at least 1 year or more following the same program format of the more experienced trainees but with a rep range around 10reps. The method I mention above should get you growing but remember, your gains will only be as productive as what you do OUTSIDE of the gym.

loopfitt has given you some very good suggestions!

No, I’ve been lifting for a few years while I was in the Corps. But I had a lot more time there to lift than I do here. For the last few months however I’ve been lifting kettlebells with the same 2 days on, 1 day off routine. I can do 20+ pullups so I actually have adjusted my pullups to the 3x 6 using the ironmind finger straps. As far as my goals go, I want to put on some weight, but I want to keep the definition that I have now. I understand that there’s some give and take in there, but I want to keep it to a minimum.


Loopfit–thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t much care for deads and squats on the same day but I did it to keep the muscle split between the 2 days. I think I’ll switch those out. The reason I’m keeping the sets low is merely for the sake of time. I haven’t much of it. But I will increase the reps.


Add in a horizontal pulling movement.