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Starting a cycle in two weeks and this is what it’s going to look like.
Week 1-12 Sustanon 750 mgs (M-W-F), Tren (80mgs EOD), Equipoise 400mgs. I plan to run d-bol for the first 5 weeks at 40mgs per day.
Run nolvadex at 20mgs per day, along with HCG every 3rd week at 500 i.u per day.
Stats: 32, 232lbs, 6’1.

Generally Looks good to me Machine. Its a little longer than I would go on for and don’t forget the sustenon and equipose are longer acting esters so you could still consider yourself “on” for about 3-4 weeks after your last shots. The dosing per week is good though. Have you considered frontloading? Or… try starting out taking tren ed until week 3 when your equipose should begin to kick in, then switch to eod.
What are your goals for this cycle?

12 weeks is pretty long for me, especially if you’re still injecting in week 12.

I’d also be cautious running EQ that long. It causes your red blood cells to proliferate which can cause circulation problems once it reaches a certain point. This was mentioned in “Ghost Dog” in issue 280.

Incidentally, I was running 500mg/week in my last cycle and experienced this problem firsthand after 4 or 5 weeks - not fun.

use the tren ed,.

I’d use the tren ed. And eq at atleast 500mgs and limit the entire cycle to 8 weeks. The half lives of the compunds will continue to effect you until week 12. At which time you can start recovery and bridge is so desired.

i second what spook said. exactly what i was thinking. fundamentally a nice cycle. you cant go wrong with test/tren/dbol in the mix.