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critique workout/help out

im going to preface this by saying that i havent been able to focus on training lately.ive been dealing with alot of heavy crap for awhile. im not really stressed anymore im just feeling jaded/dont really give a f***. i havent trained in 2 mos, other than a 3-4 time a week, sprint-myself-to-death “coping session”.
so my new program is going to be exactly what i like to do and nothing else. surprisingly my strength has not gone down as much as i thought(350bench down to 315, 505 dead down to 445,1arm 105 down to 90,)my body weight has though,i was at 205 now im light 190s. which is surprising seeing theres been days ive “ate” just a glass of milk.

i want to gain some size back but i really just like to hit heavy weight alot. 70%1rm Volume style lifting doesnt do it for my spirit. so im starting my workout with a few heavy sets then going for volume with still moderately heavy weight.

basically its 2 total body work outs(which i alternate) each time. then the next day(s) i go in and jog or do really light sets for time to get the soreness out and the blood going to my cramping, hurting, sissy-ass muscle. i follow that with some stretching. when im done feeling like i cant move (1-3days)i do a session of plyo/speed training. not heavy not volume. just working on speed/explosion. then back to heavy/volume workout2

here goes

work out 1

deads 405x5,365x5,315x5,315x5,315x5…
1arm press 85x5,75x5,65x5,65x5,65x5…
superseted with
pronated(shoulder width) chins
chins(with chain belt)+65x5,+55x5,+35x5,+35x5+35x5…
(im doing sets of 5 till i cant do sets of 5 any more. i would usually fail around 6-9 reps with the weight used)

next day(s)
light light reps and stretch
do this for a day or so then…

basically an easy day but its fun
snatches(205is my max) 185x3,165x3,135x3,135x3
cleans(275 is my max)205x3,185x3,165x3
clapping push ups 3 sets of 4-6
sprints 6sets of 30yd sprints with as much rest as i want

next day is heavy workout 2

squats 315x5,275x5,245x5,245x5,245x5…
bench 275x5,245x5,225x5,225x5,225x5…
(i alternate my bench with db incline every other workout)
superseted with supinated grip chins

then back to very light(recovery type)lifts for a few days.

so pretty much im doing alot of leg work and alot of pullups/chins. my grip is getting strong again and my core is taking a great asskicking from the 1arms,amongst other things. arms are getting blasted from the 1arms,bench and chins.

ive done this twice through and it seems to be going good. i got 5 total sets the first time on both workouts and 6 the second time. i like the “fun day” with snatches and such and just being in the gym on the off days helps me mentally alot. i would like to train hard everyday if i could, just havent figured out how to do that yet:) im feeling alot better and eating more. i havent really declared war yet on my diet(which is THE hardest part of my training) but thats going to change as soon as i quit typing this. just looking for some inspiration i guess. or you can slap me and call me a pussy, just as well.

thanks guys,
hope to hear from you