Critique Workout For 150 - 170 Lbs.

Warm up
arm circles
trunk twists
20 bw squats
15 pullups
3 minutes on heavy bag (punch, elbow, kick, shuffle, side step)

exercise # 1 Deadlifts

set 1 45lbs 10 - 15 reps
set 2 135lbs 12 reps
set 3 225lbs 8 reps
set 4 - 6 315lbs 3 reps

no rest in between. rather low leg kicks on the heavy bag/shadow boxing/ 1,2 combos

exercise # 2 Weighted Pull Ups

set 1 bodyweight 12 reps
set 2 25lbs 6 reps
set 3 45lbs 6 reps
set 4 75lbs 6 reps
set 5 - 6 90lbs 6 reps

rest 90 seconds in between

exercise # 3 Dumbbell Bench Press

set 1 90lbs 15 reps
set 2 120lbs 12 reps
set 3 160lbs 10 reps
set 4 - 6 160lbs 8 reps

rest 90 seconds in between

exercise # 4 Machine Rows

set 1 120lbs 6 reps
set 2 160lbs 6 reps
set 3 200lbs 6 reps
set 4 240lbs 6 reps

90 seconds rest

exercise # 5 Walking Lunges w/ Barbell

set 1 - 6 95lbs 10 yards

rest 30 seconds in between
long strides and under control

exercise # 6 Military Press

set 1 95lbs 12 reps
set 2 - 6 115lbs 12 reps

rest 90seconds in between. i like to keep it light on shoulders and keep the reps fairly high

If you are above 170lbs, adjust the weights accordingly.
Frankly I don’t use a SPECIFIC workout routine, but the one up top is what I generally follow. the order and workouts are interchanged, thats it. For example, I would perform squats instead of deadlifts, barbell bench instead of dumbbell bench, leg press instead of lunges, etc etc

never squat or deadlift on the same day. its hard climbing the stairs with sore quads, but its even worse when your hammies start screaming too.

I would suggest someone whos been lifting for at least a year should attempt this. It’s nothing crazy, but there is a lot of demand on the entire kinetic chain.

Personally I’ve gained 10lbs+ in one month following this regime 2 - 3 times a week. My diet was sometimes 1300 calories for some of the days, and upto 3000 on others. Fish oil and vitamin E along with Metabolic Drive were used. my squat improved by about 50lbs, deadlift up 90lbs, bench 20lbs, pullups 45lbs…

i am 160lbs and 5’7

do you guys have any suggestions? i would say i designed this just for overall fitness rather than hypertrophy (aesthetics)
and on a side note, i throw in olympic lifts in there once every week.