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Critique This Workout


Sunday REST

Monday Squat- 7 sets x 4 reps
Bench Press- 5 sets x 5 reps

Superests-Ab/Calve-Standing Raises 6x 18
Hanging Reverse Crunch 6x 18

Tuesday Pullover- 2 x 20
Fly- 4 x 12
Push Up- 4 x max
Pull Up- 2 x max
Chin Up- 3 x max

Drag Curls- 4 x 50
Sit Ups- 4 x 50
Toe Raises- 1 x 250

Wednesday Barbell Curls 6 x 8
Reverse Curls 6 x 8
Skull Crushers 6 x 8

  Donkey Raises	6 x 36

Thursday Clean & Press 5 x 6
Deadlift 7 x 3

Supersets Ab/Calve Standing Raise 6 x 24
Twisting Crunches 6 x 24

Friday Arnold Press- 3 x 9
Bentover Lateral- 3 x 12
Side Lateral- 3 x 15
Close Grip Bench Press- 3 x 18
Dips- 3 x max

Wrist Curls- 4 x 18
Abs- Weighted Crunch- 4 x 18
Calves- Toe Raises- 1 x 250

Saturday Dumbbell Curls- 6 x 10
Zottman Curls- 6 x 10
Dumbbell Extensions- 6 x 10

 Donkey Raises-	6 x 12


You have some great ideas for combos and such but your overall volume is too high.

You might try M-W-F and stretch those workouts over 2 weeks for better results. At the very least go to M-T-Th-F and rotate accordingly.

Otherwise you'll be running yourself into the ground fast.

I'm also not sure what youy hope to accomplish with 50-rep drag curls or 250-rep calf raises. High rep stuff every once in a while is good to shock the muscle, but even then I'd go 25 on the drags and 50-100 on the CRs. The levels you have I guarantee will NOT enhance your growth done all the time.

Take Care,


Specifically, what are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? What are you eating, how much do you sleep, etc.

All around, it kinda looks like a mess to me. I read it rather quickly, but it kinda looks like you haphazzardly put stuff together. However, I will go back and read it again, just to see if I see the method in your madness.

And before someone else says it, have you searched for other articles that may be similar to what you are looking for?


i started with the 100 rep raises...and they are pretty much useless now, so i have to do about 200 or so to be effective i mainly use the high rep stuff just to mix it up and put some blood in there and work some of the differnt fibres

the drags i sould probably drop down, i use rest pauses to get to 50 anyway

this workout is a combo of my bulk workout and my powerlifting workout, but i had to cut my powerlifting down in order to do it all

its basically 24 sets a day about an hr to hr and half workout

with just 2 days dedicated to heavy powerlifting and low reps 3-6 reps on deads, squats, benches, and cleans and presses.

the rep ranges are all specificly designed for my body and where i fell i get the greatest benefit from.

its designed to be a 50% strength routine and 50% bulk routine

the only thing i may have to do is spread it out like you said and incorporate some more rest into it.

thanks for the feedback


yes gerg, i could see how it could look rather unconventional and a mess

this was designed by me and carefully put together. specifically for my goals and what i'm trying to achieve. That is to stay between 6-12 reps for mass on almost all exercises except ofr calves and abs and forearms

i like 3-6 reps for max power/ max size

and i do incorporate burns and very high reps in there to mix it up.

i wanted to see if i was overworking or underworking such things or areas.

the 2 heavy days are 12 sets and then a (quick 12 sets on abs and calves which i can pretty much watch tv while doing those exercises)

the other 4 days were dedicated to arms chest mainly, those are areas i like to exaggerate

and my calves are worked daily due to years of training, i couldn't get a sore calve muscle if i tried.

the workout ranges from 7 sets of 3 reps of heavy deadlifts to 1 set of 250 standing bodyweight calve raises

but most all bulking exercises will stay in the 6-12 rep range

its generally a bulk workout with strength movements not be neglected


Right. When you do that kind of stuff
all the time, it no longer "surprises" your muscles. Stick with your lower rep strength stuff and focus on upping the poundages for a few months and then drop about 2 weeks of high-rep stuff on your muscles for a shock effect.

I'd still worry that too much different stuff ALL the time will just put you into an overtraining mode too easily.


thanks for the advice

yeah, its alot to do, but ive always been a little suprising on the training side... i can handle quite a bit

i usually don't get too run down on the constant days without rest, if i do ...i just take a day off