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Critique This Routine

Forgot where I found this (maybe even here haha sorry if thats the case) but just wanted to know what some of you guys think about this rationale and routine. Thanks.

Again i didnt write the stuff below. I was on a site called professionalmuscle.com written by a poster named “BIG A.” Thanks.

Why does a muscle grow? Because it has to adapt. When does it have to adapt? When you expose it to somethingthat it has not done before. When is something that it has not done before? When the muscle is taxed 100%.That’s 100% effort. What’s 100% effort? When you train to 100% PHYSICAL, not mental failure. So, to make the muscle grow, you have to train with 100% effort otherwise, the muscle will not adapt/grow. Now, using the above logic, for a set to be beneficial to your growth, it needs to be 100% effort. So, a 100% effort set of an exercise, will make you grow. Then, what is the point to do a second set of that exercise? You cannot go more than 100%. The muscle already has been taxed by 100% from the first set, so why should you do a second one? You will just eat into your recovery ability. So, you should only do one set to failure per exercise. Later on, I will describe the training program and how exercises and warm-ups are involved.

A muscle will not grow until it’s recovered. The muscle will not begin to recover until the nervous system is recovered. It takes roughly 24hours for the nervous system to recover from a workout. Only then will the muscle begin to recover and grow. So, you should never train 2 days in a row. Even if you train different bodyparts, you still use the same nervous system. You train 2 days in a row, your nervous systemrecovers, but by the time the muscles begin to, you train again, so the body has to concentrate again on recovering the nervous system. A training frequency of 3 days per week (Mon, Wed,Fri) is more than enough. Numerous pros, including myself, train like this offseason for maximum growth.Even if you use streroids, you still have to train like this. Steroids increase your recovery ability, but they also make you stronger at a quicker rate. The extra strength will give you the ability to train harder/tear more muscle tissue, so you will need the extra recovery that the steroids will give you

The following is a great training program that I recommend:

Mon - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

  • Incline press - warm-up sets, 1 work set
  • Flat flyes - 1 work set
  • Millitary press - 1 warm-up, 1 work set
  • Lateral flyes - 1 work set
  • Rear delt machine - 1 work set
  • Tricep pushdowns - 1 warm-up, 1 work set
  • Lying tricep extensions - 1 work-set

Wed - Quads, Hams, Calves

  • Squats - warm-ups, 1 work set
  • Leg press - work set
  • Leg extension - work set
  • Leg curl - warm-up, work set
  • Stiff leg deadlift - work set
  • Standing calf raise - work set

Fri - Abs, Back, Bis

  • Rope crunches - warm up, work set
  • Lat pull down - warm-ups, work set
  • Deadlift - warm-up, work set
  • Bent-over rows - work set
  • Shrugs - work set
  • Standing BB curls - warm up, work set
  • Concentration curl - work set

You do a lot of warm-ups for your first exercise of the day. You do one warm-up for the first exercise of each bodypart, only to optimise the firing of the neuropathways. Let’s use chest as an example - if for example your max (work set) in the incline press is 3 plates, then you do 2 warm-ups with the bar, 2 warm-ups with one plate, 1 warm-up with 2 plates and then your work set with 3 plates. The work set is a set where you fail at about 6 reps. Every workout, you have to do more reps or increase the weight in that work set (remember, the muscle has to do something that it has not done before). So if one work out you fail with 6 reps, the following nothing less than 7. When you reach 8 reps, the following workout you should do (increase) a weight where you can do minimum 4 reps. Then increase your reps again every workout until you reach 8 again, and so on. Each rep has a tempo of 2-1-1. That is 2 seconds in the negative, one second in the contraction and 1 second in the positive. Then, after you fail in the incline press, you move straight to flat flyes. You do not need a warmp now because your chest is more than warm after you failed on presses. And that’s it for chest. The basic routine stays the same. If you want variety, small changes as using DB’s instead of BB or doing flat presse and incline flyes for example, is mor ethan enough variety to keep the muscle ‘confused’.

For myself, I substituted the tricep pushdowns and extensins with dips and close grip bench, but i could be wrong in doing that I dunno.

Anyway thanks for the input.


This is an interesting training method and I think you should try it and let us know how it works. I do not think that you will be able to increase weight/reps weekly as the plan requires, but if you are getting the proper nutrition and rest you may prove me wrong.

If I were to use this plan I would probably plan to use it for a short term (about 4 weeks) and then I would switch to a different type of training. I would also like to know how long you have been training and what type of programs you have been using recently.

I can see this progam working well after a high volume bodybuilding type progam. I could see a total body progam similar to something by Chad Waterbury working well after this progam. Also what are your goals with this progam. If you are looking to cut fat mainly I would suggest something else, but if you are looking to get stronger or put on size it might work.

As for switching out the triceps excercises I would like to know your reasoning for doing that. I have found that close grip bench and dips with my torso vertical are maybe the two best excercises for developing my triceps.

Just my thoughts. The others on this site will probably pick apart the progam but I think it is worth a try.

I just noticed that this progam appears to be a professional bodybuilders routine. Are you close to this level of development? You don’t necessarily have to be as you will obviously use less weight, but there are probably progams more suited to a more intermediate lifter that may yeild better results.

The program was designed by an IFBB Pro. He said hes been using this method for 18 years and feels it can be for ANYONE trying to gain mass from beginner to advanced. He says he still uses it to this day.

I switched tricep exercises because I read on this site that Dips and Close grip bench should always be part of any tricep routine. Plus I cant give up dips haha.

The routine I used before was this pre-made one by Mens Health. It mainly consisted of superset type exercises, i.e. one set bench press, one set row, one set bench, one set row, one set military press, one set lat pull down, etc etc. I liked it at first but I went about training the wrong way.

I made the mistake of thinking I could cut and bulk at the same time (thanks for the Mens Health forums). Anyway, after training for a couple years I realized I look pretty good and lean but thats not what I want. I want more mass. Anyway, my eating has gone considerably up. I eat every 2 hours. My goal is 8 meals a day but I usually end up at 6. ANYWAY, Ive been using this routine for 2 weeks now and I feel Im getting more results in 2 weeks than I did in one month with the candy ass mens health routines.

Im not a pro body builder by any means…im just a high school teacher with free time and a family history of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and am doing everything in my power to live long.