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Critique this Routine

4 day split. Upper lower kind of

Squat 2x5 1x am rap
Trap bar dead 3x10
Pullups various grips
Curls 3x10
Neck harness work

Day 2
Bench press 2x5 1x amrap
OH press 3x10
Chest dips
Dumbell flyes
Barbell rows

Day 4
Deadlift 2x5 1x am rap
Squat 1x 20
Chins various grips
Neck work

Day 5
OH press 2x5 1x amrap
Dumbell bench press 3x10
Lateral raises
Dumbbell rows
Band pull aparts
Tricep work

Conditioning couple days a week after workout.
Farmers carry
Heavy bag

There is not much wrong with that and no reason it can’t work well.

As long as you get your nutrition right and recover well.

only real criticism is that the lower days are lacking a little, leg extentions, hamstring curls, lunges, Romania dead lifts could be beneficial depending on your goals.

also what are your rep and set ranges for assistance work?

what are your goals? what’s your training experience? Current lifts? Current condition? All these are pretty important to assess if the above is optimal.

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Doing rows the day after curls is really not optimal…other than that, it looks alright.

^This. Better advice can be given if we have some idea what you’re trying to do with this routine.

Haven’t lifted in a year. Was going to do a month of fullbody 3 days week then go to this split.
Mid 20’s bodyfat
My main goal is to drop some weight. Progress slowly on the main lifts of the day. I will be starting out light and adding weight when possible.

Assistance work will be 3 sets of 10 for most lifts. Higher reps for neck work , facepulls, laterals and abs.
My squat sucks. I plan on really concentratING on building my squat up before I add other leg work.

Do this -similar but better…

Looks good. I would want to squat 2 times a week. At leaSt till I build up my squat up. Shouldn’t hurt to switch the second lifts on squat and deadlift days. That way im squatting and deadlifting twice a week. It would be the same amount of work just spread out twice a week.
It seems a little heavy on the push or pressing work. But nothing that isn’t doable.

You may be ballsier than I am, but I’d do the 20 rep squat set at the end of the workout or you’ll feel like shit for the rest of it

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Haha. Yea. The 20 rep will definitely go towards the end of the session.

I don’t have a prowler or sled like this program calls for. I will have to figure something else out for that part.

Sprints/farmers etc like you mentioned is fine. Even just HIIT on a gym bike if need an easy day

What I’m gonna be doing soon is going to a hardware store and buying a wheel barrow body, getting a screw with a ring on it that I can tie a rope to for a sled, and screwing some PVC, metal, or wood poles on the other side so I can push it like a prowler. If I’m as much of a handy man as I think I am it should work out pretty well and be pretty cheap