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Critique this Routine, Please.

Please let me know what I should change in this routine. My main goals are overall strength and Vertical Jump.

I’m going to do the WS4SB routine as well as this Kelly Bagget Plyo program.

I planned on doing the Plyo’s on Mondays and Fridays after the Upper Body workouts and doing the Wednesday Lower body routine as directed in WS4SB.

Do you think there’s anything wrong with this idea?

This is what i’ll be doing on Monday’s and Friday’s after the Upper Body routine:

Slalom Jump 2x50 (per leg)
Star Jump 3x10
Power Skipping 2x30 Yards
Side to Side Box Jump (12"-18" box) 2x8
1-leg Step Up Jump 2x8 (per leg)
Low Squat Ankle Jump 3x30

Thanks, all.