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Critique This Pull-Up Program


Hi everyone,

I am joining the military at the end of this year and am trying to improve my max # of pull-ups.

I got this pull up program off a Marine Corps website:


It recommends doing pull-ups until failure five times per week!

What do you all think about that?



Not all programs work for all people. With that in mind, why don't you try it and see if it works for you.

I found that doing pull-ups 3 times per week was enough for me.


It's not a very good program for max reps. But I think it's more designed just like all of the marine training programs are designed - to push your limits. Most of the people who come there don't know their physical and mental limits and don't know how to tap into their energy reserves.

These grueling drills will let you in on two things: discovering your limits and seeing whether you can take it or not. So it's not just about how many pull-ups you can do, it's about testing character and inner strength.

If you need to get the most 1-set number in pull-ups and you really HAVE TO train them once every day....I would do two submaximal sets(a rep or two shy of total exhaustion) with 5min rest in between. Otherwise just tough it out with their program because it's there to push your limits and it will.


I agree with that.

For max reps in a single set I'd suggest 3 to 10 sets per day every day, spread throughout the day with at least 45 minutes in between each set. Day 1 go to 80 to 100% intensity. Day 2 go about 50%. Day 3 repeat day 1, etc. Adjust intensity and volume as you see fit.


I have used this program off and on with great success while I have been a Marine. I start it every time I begin to lose my 20 pullups. If you don't notice any change in pullups after a couple weeks, try something else. Pavel's grease the groove methods work well for pullups.


Me and a buddy have been using this regime for the past few months. i've only had mediocre success, but he's gone form 4 up to 14.