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Critique This Plan


40/30/30 rule.

I am 25, 6'tall, 230lbs. Wanting to get to 195lbs.
I am lifting 3days/week and doing 20min cardio 3days/week.
I am NOT wanting to lose muscle just like everyone else here I assume. I also cannot do any extreme diet as my children suffer in their nutrition needs because of it.

Breakfast: 1c oats, Agave nectar (1tbsp), Smart Balance (1 tbsp), 8oz Orange Juice.

Snack: 1oz Pecans w/ apple

Lunch: Chicken breast (1), 2c spinach, 1 potato, 2tbsp olive oil

Snack: Tuna (lunch to go), 1 slice whole wheat bread.

Evening: Low carb protein shake

Snack: 1c 2% cottage cheese

Nutrient breakdown:
Calories: 2295
Fat: 82.5 - 31%
Carbohydrates: 228.4 - 39%
Protein: 163.7 - 29%

On lifting days I add 1 serving of Surge during lifts.

The Surge brings the ratios to:
Calories: 2615
Fat: 87 - 29%
Carbohydrates: 277.4 - 41%
Protein: 196.7 - 30%

I am also taking 2 Flameouts and 2 HOT-ROX daily.
This brings the calories up about 20.
I am drinking only water besides the Surge and OJ.


Less carbs, more protein & more fat. More protein especially if you want to be holding onto muscle.

Are you doing this now or is it a plan? Is it working? I would be lifting 4x a week, and doing cardio 2-3x a week.


Thanks for the help.
I don't know how many less carbs you are talking about.
I have been told less carbs and more carbs on this site.
How do I know which is best on the carbs/proteins/fats?

My protein is about 1g/lb of lean mass.


Try limit carbs to around 100g per day on training days, and even less on non-training days. You need the extra quick energy when training, and less when recovery, albeit from other sources.

Protein could be pushed up to 2g/lb, and fat just balanced in to reach the same total calories.

Basically, eat a constant amount for protein, and then use less carbs/more fat on off days, and vice versa on training days.


The only way you'll ever know is to experiment on yourself.

Despite what some would have you believe, not everyone needs or benefits from low-carb diets.


This is true, I usually write suggestions based on my experiences.


True. Plenty of people have had success with carb cycling, as well.

OP, look into that. Just do a search on here. I beleive CT wrote about it.


Well I guess the best way is to determine your carb tolerance (which will help you determine to go ultra low carb or moderate carb) and how fast you digest carbs (measure blood sugars before and after for a period of time you have a gatorade or something to see how long it takes to return to normal/baseline).

But otherwise, that diet looks pretty good to me. I'm currently using a 40-30-30 as well.


Just had to comment on 1 thing:
Hope your cardio comes right after a weight lifting session.

More on that- why only 20 minutes? How do you do it? I don't suppose you do slow-pace cardio.
Do you do intervals?


1min rest, 1min hard.

I do grappling/bjj so I want to keep
my anaerobic conditioning up. My knees won't allow me to
run right now.