Critique This Plan

I am currently training 6 days a week and my goal is to achieve a lean fit physique. My training plan is as follows:
Mon- Full body workout
Tues- 1.5 mile run for time
Wed- full body workout
Thurs- elliptical workout hill climb 30 min
Fri- Full body workout
Sat- sprints 400 meters walk 200 meters 6x
I also do a brisk walk on the elliptical every morning when I wake up for 40 minutes mon-sat.

I have attached a copy of a week of meals that I eat.

My profile is 5’8 165lbs down from a bulked 213. I lost all that weight and some muscle when I incorporated my runs. I havent been able to get my diet dialed in yet so I need some input. I also want to mention that I am an OCS candidate that will soon be serving active duty so I will not be able to cut out the runs that I do. Thanks in advance for your help.

Looks like my attachment didnt take so here is my breakdown

2700 Calories
225 Grams Protein
299 Grams Carbs
80 Grams fat