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Critique This For Me?


This is a split training program I thought up in 10 minutes. I've been lifting for almost 4 years now and want to go back to the basics and build more on to my frame, I'm 19, 5 foot 8, weigh 153 and I'm fairly lean (yes I can see my abs and veins pop out on my shoulders, biceps, triceps, and all that when I'm lifting strong).

all groups will use a 4 set decreased rep, increased weight scheme with warm-ups on all groups. so the rep scheme would look like this: 4X12,10,8,6 with weight increasing 5 to 10 pounds each set

Monday: Chest and Biceps
BB Bench Press
Incline BB Bench
DB Flyes
Pushups with plate on back

BB Curl
DB Hammer Curl
Reverse BB Curl

Tuesday: Back
Trap Raises or Shrugs?
1-Arm DB row
Wide Grip Pullups

Wednesday: Legs and Triceps
Squat (ass to heels)
Leg Curl or Lunges
Seated Calf Raise

Close Grip Bench Press
1-Arm DB Tricep Extension
(I know I aint hittin all the heads of my triceps with these 3, so help me)

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Shoulders
Front Shoulder Press
Behind Neck Shoulder Press (I know to stop around your head and not fully bring the bar down as this is not good for joints)
Front Delt Raises
Lat Raises
Rear Delt Raises

Abs may be thrown in anywhere, I am not particularly worried as we run the house's heat and hot water off a wood boiler and hand split everything.

Gimme some pointers, just don't trash me for ideas. This worked awesome for me before, I'm just trying to get a few tips.


It sucks...

Oh, right, I almost forgot, what exactly are your goals?

If gaining raw strength is your concern, then your routine sucks ass. I'm not exaggerating.


If you change nothing else, at the very least, separate deadlift day and squat day. If you're going at them hard, you'll probably want the recovery time.

I'll assume that there's a non-lifting reason that your off days are Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, so maybe Tuesday deadlift, Friday squat?

A separate shoulder day seems weird to me in this split; it's a smaller muscle group than on any of the other days, by far. I might add triceps to that day, and give legs some more time.

I feel like I get more from Bulgarian split squats than lunges.

If you're working out at a gym like mine, it's worth trying to not bench on Monday, so you don't have to wait.




If you want to "go back to the basics" I'd highly recommend Starting Strength.


(Sorry for the bb.com link...)


OP I agree with the guy who said not to bench on Monday. Monday is International Bench Day. Start your week in the cage with squats, you'll be surprised how seldom you'll have to wait for equipment.

I don't see why this routine wouldn't work for size and or strength. As long as you are hitting your compounds hard and heavy and eating enough it will work.


Have any of you SS, 5x5, and TBT worshipers ever done a split?

I have used both full body and split training. Splits are more efficient and effective if the goal is size, strength, or both.


Starting Strength is a program for absolute beginners. The OP said he has 4yrs of lifting experience, I doubt he'd get much out of a 3x5 program. Madcow or Texas method = big maybe. Starting Strength = absolutely not.

The bodypart split will work just fine provided he EATS ENOUGH FOOD.


Sorry pal, I see way too much unnecessary exercises that are not supposed to be in your routine. Plus, your rep scheme sucks ass. It really does...

3x4, 4x4, or 5x4 will work A MILLION TIMES BETTER than 12,10,8,6.


Over-generalization: 5x4 makes perfect sense for front squat or dead lift, it would be fucking stupid for 90% of the isolation exercises.


That's why I said that there are alot of unnecessary exercises in his routine. He should remove those, and focus on the things that matters most.

Sorry for the overgeneralization.


So Should he do the compounds and nothing else?
If that is the case then your rep ranges make no sense either.

DAY 1 Legs:
squat 6x4 or 10x3 then 1x20
leg press 4x10-12

2 Bench 10x3
dips 3xF

3 Back
Deads 6x4
BB rows 4x8
Chins 3xF

4 shoulders
Military press 4x6
Shrugs 3x10
Face pulls 3x10

Of course doing a routine like this for an extended period is going to lead to lagging biceps, calves, delts, among other things.


This is what I usually do:

An olympic lift or either one of their many variations. (heavy doubles and/or singles)

A type of squat. (sets of 4 reps.)

A posterior chain dominant movement IF NEEDED! (sets of 4 reps.)

Pressing movement (sets of doubles and/or singles)

A strict upper back pulling movement (sets of 4 reps.)

A bunch of isolation exercises IF NEEDED (sets of 4 reps.)

...Yeah, that's pretty much what I do.


Guess I should have been more specific with what my goals were, I'm tryin to add soem numbers and a bit of size to me in the long run. My triceps are lagging bad, forearms are a wee bit and calves as well, typical american meathead right?

Anyway, thursday and the weekends are off because I can only lift on days when I hve school, and I figured I'd give my joints a bit of rest as my parents ever so kindly handed down tendonitis and a bad upper back. So pretty much I need to trash this, get a program that goes something with 3x8 rep scheme, less isolation work and more bang for your buck exercises and adopt the long live squats, deads and milk mantra.

Bear in mind please that the school athletic dept are idiots and got dir of the power rack with dip station attached in place of a smith machine and we have no leg press machine. Throw me something I can work with gang. much appreciated, Mike


Don't they have atleast a squat rack?

...Well, if you can't squat no matter what, I suggest you to do zercher squats and snatch grip deads as a sub. When you do the snatch grip deadlifts, you have to sink your hips REALLY LOW to maximize leg recruitment.

For your rep scheme, either 3x4, 4x4, or 5x4 on nearly ALL your exercises... Yes, even isolations.

Just the fact that you can spot "idiots" already shows that you're not a newb/noob.


Power clean then front squat the weight. If your clean form is decent you should be able to it. If you do more than five heavy sets the last couple get challenging, but that's part of the fun.

Weighted dips will bring your chest and triceps along nicely, as long as your shoulders can handle them. Narrow and upright posture=more emphasis on tris, wide and leaning forward=more emphasis on chest.


The only people I know that have used programming even remotely similar to this do Oly lifting exclusively. Also they do much, much more volume than you recommended.
jerk 8x3
front squat 10x2


I would echo what MC is saying in the beginning of this thread...

TYPE2B needs to go away, or at least stop giving advice.

The original routine isn't even that bad.


Yes it is... Atleast from an aspiring weightlifter's standpoint. You can't treat movements as if they are bodyparts.


When did the OP ever say he was an aspiring weightlifter?

Or are you just assuming that everyone has the exact same (obscure) goals as you?

Squat, bench, and deadlift are all pretty complex "movements" yet powerlifters know that it's important to train all the individual muscles of each lift.

And if you think weightlifters never give individual attention to specific muscle groups, you are wrong.