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Critique This Bulking Diet


Hello, I'm new here.
I found this diet on another board and i want to see your opinions on this.
This is for an advances bodybuilder:

DIET 5100 cals(Around 500-550 grams of protein and 750 grams of carbs and around 100 grams of fat):

Meal 1
10 gr Aminos
10 egg whites + 1 yolk, 20 grams of whey, 75 grams of oats, 2 pinneaple slices, 1 spoonful of cacao (no sugar). All beaten, to the microwave.

Meal 2
150 grams of rye bread with 4 cans of tuna or 250 grams of chicken

Meal 3
200 grams (in dry) of pasta or rice
10 egg whites

Meal 4
60 grams of whey
1 apple

Meal 5
300 gr of veal (or beef, i don't know what is the exact word, i'm not a native english speaker)
250 gr (in dry) of pasta or rice

Meal 6
75 gr of oats
60 gr of whey

Meal 7: post-workout
10 grams of creatine
80 grmas of vitargo
10 grams of glutamine
(30-45 minutes later) 60 grams of whey

Meal 8
300 gr of chicken/350 grams of fish
300-400 grams of veggies
500 gr of boiled potatoes

Meal 9: Before bed
60 grams of casein.


You can just stop reading after that point.

That last sentence means it doesn't fucking apply to you or most people.

Pro BBers generally have superhuman genetics to begin with (meaning they can eat more, train harder, get stronger, etc) on top of the boatload of anabolic hormones they use.

Their physiology is simply different, which means the same rules do not apply and applying their rules to yourself generally leads to abysmal failure.


Dude...i played around with these kind of high carb diets for a long time...make sure u do a Blood sugar check before u start a wild gain program. Insulin sensitivity really screws up with high carbs throughout d day. I gained really good on my first Mass gain diet which was totally natural (no anabolic support)...but then i got d hang of the pump the high carb gives with creatine and almost never did a correct carb cycling kind of diet and now my Fasting Blood sugar shows I'm pre diabetic. Of course there may be other contributing factors. But better be careful rather than being sorry...Not trying to scare u or anything :slightly_smiling:
Try to get your hands on to CT's Drjekyll & Mr Hyde. He's given good insights about how to alter your eating & workout patterns...Wish i had read that book 5-6 years back...