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Critique This 4 Say Split


I’m starting a new 4 day training and I was wondering if you guys would rip it apart for me and let me know if i’m all messed up here? All the exercises are done as supersets with mostly antagonist muscle groups and i add abs at the end of every session. The training only takes about 45-60 minutes. I am on a bulking cycle and need help with how many reps and sets you recommend? With this setup do you think i could do 4 days straight through then take a day off or would that be too taxing on my body?

Upper 1
Chest and Back
Incline Press/Lat Pulldown
Flat bench Press/seated rows
Flyes/Reverse Flyes
Ab roller/Planks

Lower 1
Quad Dominant and shoulders
Squats/Shoulder Press
Leg Press/Shrugs
Leg Extension/Seated Calf raise
swiss ball sit-ups/Hanging knee raise

Upper 2
Tri’s and Bi’s
Headknockers/Wide grip curls
Weighted Dips/Incline Curls
Tricep Extension/Reverse Curls
Cable Crunches/Twisting Cable Crunches

Lower 2
Hamstring Dominant and Shoulders
Deadlifts/Front raise
Lunges/ Lateral Raise
Leg Curls/Toe Press
Reverse Crunch/Russin weighted twist

Thanks for all your help here.

First, we’d need to know your training age (years of weight lifting) 'cuz that will greatly impact your rep/set scheme. In other words, if this is only your second month of lifting in your life, (which I doubt, but still, let us know your history) a high intensity/low rep scheme won’t be optimal. Plus, what was your rep/set scheme going into this bulking cycle?
Personally, I don’t think 4 straight days wouuld be the best. Your anterior delts will take a beating on day 1, (from chest press/incline press) so following it w/ shoulders the next day is questionable. Also, do you have any body part in particluar you are trying to bring up?
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First of all, you need not train abs every day. Train them like any other bodypart-- once or twice a week.

Second of all, I think you will be drastically overworking your shoulders. Maybe substitute trap work for shoulder work on your quad dominant day. I.e. scrap the shoulder press for another trap movement such as the high pull (look in the photos section for a great set of pics).

Third, I think 4 days straight is silly. Would you then have 3 days off? Why not something like this:

Monday: Upper 1
Tuesday: Lower 1
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Upper 2
Friday: Lower 2
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

As for the sets/reps, it depends on your goals and current stats, but as a general rule use less reps x more sets with compound movements.

I.e. On upper 1

Incline bench/pullup: 4 sets, 5 reps
Flyes/rev. flyes: 3-4 sets, 8-10 reps

Also that reminds me, I would scrap the lat pulldown in favor of weighted pullups.

Good luck,

RIT Jared

I’ll be the one to say it - Just pick one of the amazing routines provided here!

These guys know their stuff! Not meant to be a swipe, but, unless you’re bigger and meaner than CW or CT, I’d definately give one of their routines a whirl! You won’t be disapointed - I guarantee it.

It completely eliminates the guess-work and overtraining questions by choosing a professionally pre-made training program.

I’d look into ABBH 1 and 2. Or, since I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you want to bring up your shoulders - CT’s Shoulder Overhaul.

On a side note, I just started Quattro Dynamo and I’ll be damned if I’m not lovin’ it.

Well i have been training for a year and im 5’11" 162 lbs. I have been using 3x10 rep set scheme and have been trying to ween myself off that. I didnt notice how much shoulder work there was, I think your right. What if i get rid of the shoulder press and do standing upright dumbell rows? I was just asking if i could do four days cause of my work/school schedule i dont have to do 4 days in a row and i won’t. How do you think i should reorganize my ab routine? Thanks for all your help guys.

squatting for me is a full lower body day. With 4x6 routine of squats, i will be sore in my quads, hams, and glutes. I use a shoulder (olympic) and sumo (powerlift) stance alternating for the 4 sets. I’ll do an arm workout (isolation type movements like curls and extensions) when i want an easy day even though the weights will still be in the high intensity level. I base my workouts around compound movements and not necesarily bodyparts because a lot of the body parts are used in the different movements. laters pk