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Critique This 12 Week Test C & Winstrol Cycle


Hello please critique my cycle, i respect all the knowledgeable people on this board. ive been reading for a while and this is what i came up with.


1-12 Testosterone Cypionate 500mg/wk
10-13 Winstrol oral tabs 50mg/ed
Adex .5mg/ed 1-15 (a-dex goin at least one or 2 weeks into PCT and taper off)
HCG 250iu every 5 days startng from week 3

PCT (start 14 days after last injection)
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 40/40/20/20

1.i figured since winstrol doesnt aromatize, i can go right into pct at week 14, ill only take it for 3 weeks at a low dose.

2.also in regards to HCG, when should i stop taking HCG? from what i understand i should not touch it while on pct.

3.also is .25/ed a better dosage for Adex? i have the liquid form.

4.i also plan to grab milk thistle, i hear good things about it in terms of liver issues with the winny, im only runnin it 3 weeks but i figured ill stay on the safe side, has n e 1 taken it before? what would be a proper dosage for it?


no comments?


Cycle is fine.

Adex will depend. Start low. Its fine.

HCG end before PCT starts.

Milk thistle is a waste of money for liver protection. Fine for general health.


thanks a lot bonez