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Critique Supplement Stack?


i wanted to know what are the best suplaments to stack for weight loss.. i was thinking:
Alpha Male
but im not sure if that is a good stack any help would be great... and if this info is on here already somewhere im sorry to ask again i havent been to this site is a long wile ... thanks again guys


Since the new Alpha Male formula also has Carbolin 19 in it, I don't think it would be recommeded for use with the new HRX. I would suggest using TRIBEX Gold instead of Alpha Male while using HRX.



thanx bro ... i did just read the now ... its been awile since to looked into the sups here they have really made some good improvments


I'd get rid of the Methoxy-7 and get some more HOT-ROX or Metabolic Drive


I'd keep the Methoxy-7.


TRIBEX gold, new HOT-ROX and a pwo drink are as good a stack as any.


I'll second that. Throw in some heavy duty lifting and HIIT and a solid diet and your good to go.


How old are you? Are you sure you even need Alpha Male?

I also agree with the other posters that Alpha Male and HRX are not to be stacked.


HOT-ROX Extreme, Flameout, and Metabolic
Drive is a solid fatloss stack.

Surge could also be utilized on intense training days.


I agree 100%. Work hard, stick to basics, TRIBEX, HOT-ROX, and Surge, you should be good to go. Surge is pretty much good in any circumstance that you are training.