Critique Sprints, Depth Jumps & Jump Squats

I have an idea on what could be wrong, but I want to hear what others have to say first

I am certainly not an expert on plyos, but it appears to me that your amortization phase in the depth jumps is pretty long. Perhaps you are jumping from too great a height right now and need to work up with lower depth jumps.

Check out some depth jump videos on youtube (using experienced athletes and coaches) and compare how fast their amortization phase is with yours.

In the sprints:

Your heels are striking too much force into the ground. When the heel hits you want to reduce the amount of lost force and time by immediately pulling hard backward with your leg/hamstring and driving your foot backward, and thus you forward.

Eliminate the BANG BANG BANG of the heel strike and make less prominent. pull with the heel.

In the depth jump from box:

Cut this step off with one foot shit. go with both feet at the same time for balance sake if nothing else.

have your arms firmly back and ready to reverse your momentum with the hips. as soon as you hit jump up hard with the hips/toes/shoulders/arms. Put some real effort in. it looks like you dont even care in the vid. you gotta think fast to be fast and put 100% effort into each jump.

Keep that time on the floor low. even if as stated you need to lower the box thats fine. the height of the box inst a big deal at your stage. Getting a fast rebound is the real goal.

In the extension jumps:

Stop these. Ext jumps are a dope lift but you’re not really getting much out of these. Im not sure, but id say your level [as in your squat numbers, years training, speed, and clean, push press numbers] you still need to get that double BW or at least 1.5 BW squat down for three before these will really start paying off.

In the ext jumps you are not driving up properly as you would a top of back squat, nor are you landing well.

Some other more effective lifts that can work you up to these more advanced lifts are:

tuck jumps
seated tuck jumps [sit down on box or med ball and then jump]
single leg vert jumps
alternating lunge jumps
vert jumps

And all those plyos can be done with a broom stick on your back every odd week to focus on the legs and cut the upper body counter movement.

think fast sir,


I agree. I think the you are waiting too long in the bottom of your depth jump. I started my depth jumps with no more than 12 inches, and I stayed a long time with just this height. The step you used to get up to that height would be a good place to start.

Agreed on the heel part. Don’t let those heels touch the ground. no no no.

No weight. single leg bounds, in place, are my favorite jumps. just like running in place but do a bound place keeping your ground time to a minimum. also side to side jumps in the same manner. also the jumps you see before a kickoff in the NFL. I’m not sure what it is, but just pull your knees up all the way and as soon as you land jump right back up.

Just work on your rate of reaction. Get off the ground as quickly as you land.

I don’t know much about the jumps, but those sprints looked pretty bad.
When you sprint, you never touch the ground with your heels. Ever. You shouldn’t be hearing those stomps when you’re sprinting. Also your arm movement looked pretty messy. You don’t want much, if any, movement in the elbows. The only movement in your arms should be coming from your shoulders. Also, get those knees up.
Oh, and…
What the hell kind of music is that for a gym?
That was horrible

Looks to me you have a lack of hip drive. Do you ever do hill sprints?

Sorry, didn’t have time to analyze the videos much, but the first thing I noticed about the sprints, is that you aren’t keeping you elbows at a fixed angle (somewhere close to 90 degrees is the normal).