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Critique Proposed Cycle Please

How about this for a cycle:

wk1-4 d bol 10mg/10mg/ 15mg/15mg - 17aa

wk 5-8 anavar 30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg - 17aa

wk 3-6 turinabol 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg

wk 1-8 nolvadex 10mg wk 8-11 40mg

milk thistle 3 weeks prior continuing to 3 weeks after at 140mg day.

I also have primobolan at 50mg per day tabs 17aa
i can do test enth, but only want one inject a week max, probably 150 per week

also have adequate clom for pct

if i used the primobolan towards the end of the cycle would this help retain more strength gains and harden the muscles

I am40, 6 ft, 200lbs, training 8 years solid and for 10 years off and on before that

main goal is strength, with some size and a bit of fat loss towards t5he end porbably from the fluid

i train 5 days a week with a good split, bench 220lb, dead380lb, rack pull 500lb, squat340 to parallel all for about 3-5 reps

protein consumption is good, though some of the caloiries i consum are a bit junky, but at least protein/calories are in the 4500 mark, will clean up for cycle

Bro, is this your first cycle or have you done them before?

I’m not advanced enough to help you, but the guys that can give you good input will proabably want to know the answer to that question anyway.

Did a 35 mg of d bol,for 6 weeks, took milk thistle for the duration good gains in size and strength but lost most. post cycle.

thought if i added extra slower acting stuff would keep strength gains… Its difficult with wife and kids around to keep needles around so would prefer to keep wih orals, though one inject per week would be ok (i hope). the nove during all the cycle was an idea from an article i read somewhere (i think on bb.com).gegarding lowering oh ldls and stuff.

So if the primobolan tabs are non 17aa are they safer to take than other orals. Also read that anavar was also less harmfull than d-bol

Though some size would be good, looking really for strength gains and some hardness to muscle, would prefer not to get to much bloat, that is why i chose low dose d-bol

Have access to all mentioned plus paper stuff from a good source.

So please dont say just test enth/d bol cycle, its what i hear on most of these forums

“of course this is a fictional post and i have no idea where to obtain such substances”

Keep what you have and add in the test 150mg but, make it twice a week for a total of 300mg a week.
To keep down the bloat put in some letrozole at 1-1.5mg ed instead of the nolva. Run this week 1-8.
Run the test weeks 1-7 with a front load in week one of 600mg.
Week 9 start your Nolva at 100mg,100mg 80mg,80mg, then 40mg ed for 2 weeks then drop it to 20mg ed till your normal test is up and running.

Hope this helps and sorry I can’t really help you with the primo dosages since I don’t know how effective the oral verson is.

cant get the letrezole, can i still inject the test once

you can make it a once a week inject at 300mg since the ester is long enough but, your blood levels will stay more even if you split it up over 2 injections during the week. The more consistent you can keep your hormone levels the less side effects and better gains you should recieve.(no garenties everyone is diffrent)