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Critique: Prop, Enanthate, Humalog, Dec, Tren


Here it is

Weeks 1 to 02: 800mg Test Prop
Weeks 1 to 15: 800mg Test Eth per week
Weeks 1 to 15: 10 Units Humalog insulin PWO
Weeks 1 to 13: 500mg Deca per week
Weeks 6 to 13: 100mg EOD Tren
Weeks 1 to 15: .5mg Arim EOD

I don't like using orals especially DBOL as those really bloat me up and give me crippling back pumps.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


15 weeks of Insulin is a very bad idea indeed.

It is not necessary to dose Nandrolone at 500mg/wk - especially for such a small frame.

Using 2 19-NorTestosterone products stacked together is another mistake.

With this cycle, 0.25mg of Anastrazole is seriously short.

It is, IMO, a bad cycle.



You may consider some anti-prolactin meds such as caber.
Are you doing any PCT at all? or What dose are going to cruise at aferwards?
How many grams of carb per iu of insulin do you plan to take , if any?


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Most of us will have a PWO drink that contain decent amout of carbs and fast acting whey. Which by itself would result in a natural insulin spike.


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Sorry i've dissapeared and haven't paid attention to my own thread as i have been at work much of my time. Now that i'm settled, I promise to reply.

Excuse my ignorance but what is wrong with using 2 19-NorTestosterone products? Is it because the fact that these two products will supress my testosterone (ie deca dick?) due to elevated prolactin levels? If i run an effective dose of cabergoline or bromocriptine, can both tren and deca be used side-by-side?

I dont' know what you mean by ".25 mg of anastrozole is short". If you're saying it's not enough, i'm actually using .50 of a mg

Lastly, in your opinion, how long should i be off insulin before getting back on to help rebuild insulin resistance?

to mephistopheles: No doubt about it, i will be running a pct. I'll be using the standard stasis taper stacked with nolvadex. it's worked for me several times in the past well. Also, what causes the raise of prolactin?

To BBB: Insulin is a vague topic. I did ask you what you thought. Since this is the case, I wanted to try both pre and post workout insulin and see what works best. i've read best from both sides (some say post is better, some say pre is better). I'm now prefering preworkout insulin. It only makes sense. Why break down the muscle and rebuild it with shuttling extra carbs when you can shuttle carbs beforehand and preserve it, staying anabolic.

This cycle was created by my trainer. I dont want to change anything without going through him yet i'd like to know what's best for my health/gains. He's open minded, so any info i present to him he's open to discussion.

blast me all you want for asking such questions but as long as your answer has useful information, i don't mind.


Think of natural insulin as a taxi cab. This cab can only transport so many passengers at a time to their destination. Any excess of passengers will be "stored" at the taxi waiting booth.

You only produce so much insulin to transport those PWO carbs to your muscles. Any excess will be stored as fat. If you don't want to store fat, you'll have to have less pwo carbs.

Now think of exo insulin as a shuttle BUS. it can transport 6x more passengers at a time.
The benefit of using exo insulin PWO is you can shuttle more carbs at a time without experiencing fat storage (if you have your insulin to carb ratio down).

Now thats PWO insulin.

As for the benefits of preworkout insulin:

As previously mentioned, you can shuttle carbs into your muscle before any breakdown happens, allowing you to keep more size in the bigger picture. If using Humalog, the insulin will be active PWO, allowing you to shuttle some carbs spent during your workout back into your muscles.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but that's how i understand it on paper. I hope that my theory makes sense.


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This is not accurate.

This too is incorrect.


You can anyway, i never said you couldn't, just that it is likely to cause issues for you. Trenbolone and nandrolone are both estren based steroids, Nandrolone has progestin activity and aromatises, it increases prolactin TOO.
Yes though, Caber will help of course, but be prepared for it to NOT solve all issues.

Yes you are.. it is me being thick clearly as i always think of 0.5mg EOD as the equivalent of 0.25mg ED. Fuck knows where i got that from.

It isn't just a matter of that, more that 15 weeks at once it far too long no matter what break you have afterward.

You are pretty small and while you clearly have made the effort to get contest ready, your masturbatory pictures suggest you think you are in Musclemag.

You do NOT need to be using insulin at this time Hussayn, and you would do very well to stick to moderate dosages of steroids only, and maybe some GH if you are still competing.
Your cycle could be better laid out too, you have two T esters for some reason, and you are using two very suppressive compounds, at least one of which causes ED issues during the cycle EVEN with T included.

Well then Hussayn, if this was not a cycle designed by you, then i honestly dont know where BBB got the fact that you are trying to market yourself as a trainer from.
Surely if this was the case you would be competent enough to do your own program.

Anyway, it is better that it wasn't you that came up with this as it means you can always find another trainer, and i SERIOUSLY suggest you do.



This cycle sounds like it would be good for reduced.non-existent libido for the three months following its conclusion...

I knew a guy who used tren ace and tren enenthate along with sustonon, no pct. It took him over three months to recover, losing all the muscle/strength he gain whilst on, and even losing some of the base he started with. He was completely and utterly impotent for the 3 months after his cycle... was pissing off his girlfriend majorly.