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Critique Program Please


Hey all
im a 38 y/o man wife and two kids.
5months ago i got sick of being sick and tired and started working out again
after 15 years away. then found T-Nation
what a godsend. iarranged my program on a push/pull basis with Iron John's back off and grow mixed in any thoughts would be helpful.

wk1 5x7
wk2 5x6
wk3 5x5
wk4 10x3

day one
bench wk1 60%1rm 2 70% 1rm 80% 1rm 90%1rm
bar dips
db curls

day two
front squats
calf raises
rotater cuff work

bench 1rm max 260
deadlift 315
squat 275

I do day one and two back to back 4-5 days a week. then if i miss a day i dont freak thanks.


I have virtually the same story, years out, wife, 2 kids only I'm 35.

Your plan looks good. It seems a little much if starting out again.

Id go:

Week 1 at 40% of max weight, then work up to 70-80% and do up to 7 reps for each excercise. What is the diet plan looking like?? How tall, what is your current weight?


Im 5' 9" 259LBS started at presently working on the T-Dawg diet. Max bench is Feb was 185 for a weak one rep. Thanks for the suggestions. Ill try it out tonight.