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Critique please

I have just started into working out again after another major shoulder injury. I need to build it back up and want to drop my BF% I am eating don’t diet style 2 p+C and 3P+fat meals not including PW beverage. My diet is as follows: Grow meal cal 300 prot 40 carb 22 fat 4 1serving mixed fruit cal60 prot 1 carb 13 fat 0 one scoop protein cal 110 prot 23 carb 1.5 fat 1.5 Flax cal 115 prot 0 carb 0 fat 14 Granola cereal 1/2 cup cal 220 prot 5 carb 35 fat 8 one scoop protein cal 110 prot 23 carb 1.5 fat 1.5 Complex carbs 4tbs cal 152 prot 0 carb 37.6 fat 0 one scoop protein cal 110 prot 23 carb 1.5 fat 1.5 concentrated fish oils cal 80 prot 0 carb 0 fat 6 One scoop protein cal 110 prot 23 carb 1.5 fat 1.5 Complex carbs 4tbs cal 152 prot 0 carb 37.6 fat 0 one scoop protein powder cal 110 protein 23 carb 1.5 fat 1.5 udos choice cal 135 prot 0 carb 0 fat 14.5 prot 161 carb 152.7 fat 54 Total Calories 1764 prot total cal 644 carb total cal 610.8 fat total cal 486 Percentages prot 37% carb 35% fat 28%. My workout is such. Tues, Thurs sometimes Sat 2 forms of martial arts 2 hours very aerobic per day. Monday, Cuban roataions 3 sets of 5 heavy weight, Side-lying Dumbell External Rotation 3 sets of 5 heavy, Side-Lying Db Rear Delt raise 3 sets heavy, Sumo Deadlift 3 sets 5 heavy, yanda situp 3 sets of 5 heavy althought I go heavy I never go to fail training for wiry strength. Wed. Lying DB rows 3 sets 5 heavy, chins 3 sets 3 heavy, db bench press 3 sets 5 heavy, Deadlift extended 3 sets of 5 None to fail. Friday Curls 3 sets 5 heavy, tri-ext 3 sets 5 heavy, Yanda-situps Kettlebell 5 sets of up to 30 reps. Sat martial arts or lift same as monday. Sunday recoup. Monday do it all over again. Any help would be much appreciated. I have read almost all of this site so I am familiar with the majority of the articles from my wokout it should be obvious I am rehabing my shoulder still pops a lot right now. Thanks again I am always amazed at how much knowledge is on this board. I started out at 250 30% (or as I say fat bastard) I am now 210 13-20 depending on what method used to measure. Calipers=13% Tanatia scale all over the place anywhere from 13-20%. But I can see the progress in the mirror.

Nutrition is hard to follow … Just 3 points on workouts (1) Squats … Im not a “squat or rot” guy and dont want much more quad or butt mass but you cannot argue with squat strength for spinal erector and core strength, and for major benefits in punching, kicking and grappling for your MA (2) I see you hurt your shoulder but just rear raises? If not some light all round work, how about some rotator cuff stuff (i can suggest 3-4 - do a separate post if you are interested) (3) Whilst Pavel has sound if somewhat inflexible principles, I think there is scope for a few cycles of greater reps and a few of less reps for greater strength gains whilst still being wiry. Personally, I would do bog standard powerlifting program (a few more triples, the odd double and single, at caluculated % or 1rm) if I just wanted wiry strength. The one and only D-R-E :slight_smile:

I was reading an issue of MILO last night, and there was an article about keeping healthy shoulders. David Shaw (powerlifter) has been lifting impressive weights for a while. He had some shoulder pain after years of 500-600lb benches. There were three exercise recommendations in the article to keep your shoulders healthy and strong. 1) standing or seated overhead press to the front. (I have been doing this for the past 6 weeks after a shoulder injury last year, and I am making much more progress now than ever. And I’m virtually pain free) 2) Side lateral raises using strict form. 3) Bent over raises and any rotator cuff work. Things to avoid strongly are front raises and military press behind the neck. I hope that helps!

Props to both dre and dogg. Both of you have much respect on this heyaar board. DRE could you be more specific about workout specs I have been out of the game for years and read most of the test site but as you know you can get analysis paralysis. Dogg thanks. Although my BF is high my strenght and endurance are though the roof. Just my shoulder sucks ass. Thanks guys for not flaming me for not being a bodybuilder.

Knuckledragger, don’t mention it. Hey, don’t feel bad. I’m not a bodybuilder either. Don’t have the correct build or genetics and have no interest in posing or shaving my body. I’m more interested in functional strength, staying lean and healthy. So in a way, I’m trying to build my body, but not like a bodybuilder. Go for what you know bro! I feel better training hard and heavy with low reps and plenty of weight and skipping the bodybuilding exercises (curls for the girls! ha!).

Been away … Ive got the powerlifting specs at home and will post in weeks to come when I start it but its about 4-6 working sets of 3 reps (sometimes 2) at 80 - 95% or 1rm :).