Critique Please

I wanted to take a shot at designing my own program as well as adjusting my diet to maintain my weight/lose body fat.


Here’s my first attempt at a program ever:
SuperSet Number 1
Row Variation 8-12 reps
Bench Variation 8-12 reps
(3 times through)

Chin-Ups- 8x3

Shrugs 10-12 reps 3-4 sets

Wednesday- (basically CT’s ab routine with a tweak or two)
SuperSet Number 1
Barbell forward roll- 5-15
Plank-30-60 seconds
(Superset 3 times)

SuperSet Number 2
Standing Cable Crunch 6-8
Twisted Cable Crunch 6-8 per side
(SuperSet 3 Times)

Full Contact Twists 6-8reps 3 sets

One Armed Deadlifts- 6-8reps 3 sets

SuperSet Number 1
Squat Variation 8-12
Leg Press- 10-15
(3 SuperSets)

Dead Lifts- 10x3

Leg Curls or Leg Extenstions 15x3

Jump Rope

The General Diet (This is what I ate today)

6:40 Apple

9:00 HomeMade Trail Mix (Sunflower seeds, raisins, peanuts)

Lunch (11:20-11:45)- Grapple(some weird fruit hybrid; looks like an apple and tastes like grape), turkey sandwich on white bread with ranch, Carrots and Green Pepper put into a salad w/ ranch, and water

Snack(2:40)- More Trail Mix

Dinner(6:00)-Stir fry with green peppers chicken and rice. cooked in a small amount of olive oil and a small amount of Soy sauce was added.

i forgot to mention that i also take Grow! and Surge but i am not allowed for the time being because i am having blood drawn soon and the doctor told me to stop.

That has to be the most overcomplicated routine I have ever seen. Pick something simple and stick with it.

Frankly, deadlifting twice a week seems a little crazy to me. After a good day of heavy deadlifting I waddle for the rest of the week. Who knows, maybe you feel like you need to do them twice.

That workout routine really does look overly complicated. Personally, if I were you, I’d grab a well know routine [like say ABBH1] and do that, then progress to say ABBH2 → After those examine your results, and manipulate from there.

I’ve always found after a serious deadlifting session that I am in no mood to do leg curls or anything like that, shit, I’m barely in the mood to do much more then stagger, so twice a week [even if one is single armed] might be to much, especially with loads like 10x3.

As for your diet, you’ve got lots of fruit in there, but not many vegetables - I’d reverse this. You also don’t have much protein, if you’ve taken away the Grow! and Surge temporarily you need all the more protein from your food, especially if you don’t want muscle mass to peel away with the fat.

Also ditch the white bread, there is absolutely nothing good in white bread - unless its an emergency post workout meal [which there are a lot of far better things for].

As it stands you have a large quantity of sugars [especially if thats white rice] and not alot of protein, which won’t be great for fat loss / muscle maintennace. - Also check out something like massive eating or the T-Dawg diet [2.0] for good food guidelines.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m raggin on ya, but thats my honest opinions.

To me it doesnt look like your eating enough. I would add something with that apple in the morning, maybe oatmeal and a source of protein(i would say some Grow!, but you said you cant at the time). You need to have a much bigger breakfast full of carbs and protein, since your body has been sleeping for a couple hours.

Do basic compond lifts with isolation movements in the arms only for a while AND…this is more important


add 3-4 hard boiled eggs to breakfast (or some other protein) milk, and some wheat toast. Eggs are easy to pre make, just grab a few and eat. This gives about 24-34 grams of protein in the AM. You sleep all night, so bfst needs good protein. The apple only is doing you no good.

Try adding yogurt, cheese, milk or lunch meat in your snacks. 10-30 grams extra. I like to roll a string cheese inside a few slices of chicken lunch meat. It’s easy and tastes good and is pure protein.

This addition to bfst and 2 snacks should get an extra 90 grams each day. Eating should be more of a concentration than your lifting program at your phase in the game.