Critique Please

Alright, this will be my first cycle, and this is what I have got to work with.
-10ml 200mg Eq
-10ml 100mg Primo
-100tab 5mg Var(2)

Although having a class II in the bunch would be ideal, this is what I have and this is what I have come up with-

(Week 1) 800mg EQ , 30mg anavar ED

(Week2)400mg EQ, 25 mg anavarED

(Week 3) 400mg EQ , hcg 100iu every 3rd day

(Week 4) 400 mg EQ, hcg 100iu every 3rd day

(Week 5,6) 300 mg primo, 30mg anavar Ed, hcg 100 iu every 3rd day

(Week 7) 300 mg primo, 30mg anavar Ed, hcg 100 iu every 3rd day,

(Week 8) 25 mg anavar Ed, hcg 100 iu every 3rd day ,

((Weeks4-8 clomid or Nolva if needed))

(Week 9,10,11) Clomid/Nolva pct

My idea with starting with the anavar is to get SOME(minimum) gains as the Eq is getting into my system. My main question is how does the anavar dosage/regimen look? (trying to most effectively spread out the 1000 mg available)

I also would greatly appreciate any input on optimum usage of ancillaries. I have access to both clomid and nolvadex. It appears there are many mixed feelings as to which of the 2 works better for during as well as pct. As of now I am leaning towards Nolva.



Heres a suggestion. Dont take steroids. The end.

cycle is constructed pretty well bro…only thing I can say is that I’d run the pct for at least 4 wks to insure full recovery of the hpta.


i think 4 weeks of EQ is way too short. the rest looks ok.

been a while since I posted 'roid info. I don’t think anavar and EQ is worth it along with 2 weeks of very low dose primo. I don’t know what your goals are, but I would suggest a baseline of 500mg test for 6 weeks along with d-bol 25-35mg a day for the first 3 weeks, thats if you’re going to use sus, enathanate or cypionate. If you have access to propionate or test suspension your best bet would be about 75-100mg of test a day along with about 25-35mg of d-bol a day. That is gonna get you some bang for your buck. The cycle you listed is gonna offer minimal results.

If you’re not lookng for larger than normal gains try Carbolin-19 and some Hot-Rox. As for pct, frontload clomid at 300mg go with 100mg a day for 3-4 weeks and be sure to include Alpha Male, I assure you Alpha Male kicks ass post cycle. Just my 2 cents on the subject. My real advice would be steer clear of the juice it isn’t worth it.

Contrary to the last post i dont think the gains will be that bad. You will gain some nice lean mass . However you aren’t gonna blow up you could probably make the cycle amazing if you added a baseline of test to that. For example keep your cycle exactly the same but front Test E at 800mg and run it weeks 1-6 or run test prop eod.

[quote]T-Islander wrote:
Heres a suggestion. Dont take steroids. The end.[/quote]

Here’s a suggestion. Get the hell out of the steroids forum!