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critique please....

ok for all the experienced ones out there, please let me know what you think of this cycle i was thinking of trying out for my next one. if its total shit, please let me know.

weeks 1-8: sus @500mgs a week
weeks 1-5: dbol @25mgs ED day
weeks 3-8: tren @100mgs EOD

i will have clomid and adex throughout as well. please let me know if this is any good or not, thanks.

Looks like a good cycle to me, and very similar to most of my cycles. How many cycles have you done in the past and what are your goals for this one?

id run the tren throughout as well.

well Merlin I’ve done 2 cycles in the past and 1 cycle that I had to stop prematurely, blah. but I’m looking to put on some size on this one but really just want to get strong as hell. some definition will be nice from the tren too.

I would run the tren throughout as p-dog said and ed either at 75 or 100mg/day. Other than that, enjoy.

So…third cycle. Do what they said. There’s no point in skipping two weeks of the tren. Also, if it was me, I’d frontload the sust.

ok, i’ll try the tren throughout the cycle @100mgs a day. but I remember reading an article that frontloading wasn’t necessary. I never have frontloaded, just kept a steady stream throughout the entire cycle. anyone haev better results with frontloading?

if you are already into the cycle, then its to late to front load, the purpose it to get your blood levels up right away to what they will be in a week or 2. so you start making progress faster

no i haven’t started my cycle yet JT, I just wanted people’s opinion on it first before i start. should i frontload tren too? or is that not necessary?

ooops, sorry I didnt re-read your original post and I was thinking of anohter one. Yes, frontload the test, 1g if doing 500mg/ week. no need to frontload tren as it is fast acting.

i am on this cycle now at higher dosages and love it. its bound to be a classic. i would like to see heavier dosages in yours. maybe sust at 750mgs/wk. tren 75-100mgs/ed, dbol 35-40mgs/ed. and yes frontload. i know some will say not to use higher dosages but i bet you $20 that by week two you will wanting to jack them up. may as well start there and grow like a mofo.

It certainly looks like you’re going to start feeling some “flavor” by the end of your 5th week!

The only thing I have to add is you might find yourself wanting to bump the sust up to 750 along the way. I have always done my sust in divided doses to get the most benefit out of it. Just a suggestion.

thanks for the insight guys, I appreciate that very much. and also, has anyone used the russian sustenon before? I can get it right now for 6.50 a vial and i’m wondering if its fake? but maybe not…is it any good or skip it?