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Critique Please


Hey.I'm a first year University student, and I'm looking for some advice on training etc.

Here is my lifting plan-

Monday : CHEST : 3 Sets of incline Barbell press ( 4 to 5 reps each)
3 Sets of Decline Barbell Press (4 to 5 reps each)
2 sets of Flat bench Dumbbell Press (4 to 5 reps each)
2 sets of decline Dumbbell Flies (4 to 5 reps each)
TRICEPS : Flat Bench Head Crushers 3 sets (8 to 10 reps each)
Incline Bench Head Crushers 3 Sets (8 to 10 reps each)

BICEPS : 5 sets of Barbell Preacher curls will a straight Barbell (5 to 6 reps each )

BRACHIALIS: 3 sets of hamer curls ( 8 reps each) no drop sets
ABS : 3 sets of crunches ( 20 reps)
3 Sets of Leg raises ( 20 reps)
2 sets of Dumbbell oblique Sways (25 reps)

BACK: 4 Sets of Dumbbell Rows (4 to 5 reps each)
4 sets Barbell Rows (4 to 5 reps each)
3 Sets of pull overs ( 8 reps) no drop sets
SHOULDERS: 3 sets of Barbell Press (4 to 5 reps each)
3 Sets of Barbell Front raises (4 to 5 reps each)
3 sets of reverse flies (10 reps each)
TRAPS : 3 Sets of Shrugs (4 to 5 reps each)
ABS : 3 sets of crunches ( 20 reps)
3 Sets of Leg raises ( 20 reps)
2 sets of Dumbbell oblique Sways (25 reps)

QUADS : LEG Press : 4 SETS of 8
4 Series of Squats (4 to 5 reps each) ( i do them on a smith machine)
HAMSTRINGS: 5 Sets of 8 of Stiff Legs dead lifts
CALVES : it's up to you, any machine at the gym will do good
ABS : 3 sets of crunches ( 20 reps)
3 Sets of Leg raises ( 20 reps) if you have strong abs add a 5 lbs dumbbell or
more if you can
2 sets of Dumbbell oblique Sways (25 reps) i recommend 20 lbs for starters


To improve all around strength and fitness. Be at 185 pounds with 8% body fat would be ideal for my physique and height. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


second pic


Clearly someone wrote that workout plan out for you based on the suggestions and such. My advice is you never associate with that person again.

Post the required pics






I've been doing what ever in the gym. BUT I was gonna start following that plan? Not a good idea?


I've been doing what ever in the gym. BUT I was gonna start following that plan? Not a good idea?


I've been doing what ever in the gym. BUT I was gonna start following that plan? Not a good idea?


It depends on your goals, which you have not listed. I personally think that routine is complicated and garbage, but maybe someone else would approve of it.


Simple routine:

**Monday: Back and biceps
Back - pull-up, bent over row, deadlift, do 3-4 sets of each (reps 6-12 range)
Biceps - straight bar curl (4 sets), hammer curl (4 sets)
Abs: choose 3 excercises, do 3 sets of each (weighted)

**Tuesday: Chest and Tris
Chest: flat bench, incline bench, flyers or cables , do 3-4 sets of each (6-12 rep range)
Tris: Close grip bench press, dips, sculls (2-3 sets each)

**Wed: rest

**Thursday: Shoulders and shrugs
Shoulders: pull and press, side laterals, reverse flyers (3 sets of each)
Shrugs: Straight bar lift, hanley dumbbells (3 sets of each)

**Friday: do HIT cardio training (sprint 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds - repeat 8 times); do a light ab session

That's a simple plan which will get you to your goals, also remember to eat well (every 2-3 hours, minimum 6 meals a day), drink lots of water. Take a multi vit and fish oil, get lots of sleep. You will be at 180 lbs with low BF fast.

Also, if you are willing to put in some effort to stick to a diet, research the Anabolic diet, it's awesome. It would be perfectly suited to your goals..

good luck


My bad!

Wed is not rest day!!!!

** Wed: Legs

squats, legg press, leg curls, leg extension - do 3-4 sets (10 rep range)

calves - do 4 sets standing calve raisers


You are dumb, stop giving advice. His goal is not going to come fast, or certainly not as fast as you're implying. He can certainly be at 180 fast, but his body fat levels will be nowhere near where he'd like them.

To the OP, pick a routine that keeps your training fun, kick ass in the gym, eat, and monitor your progress. When you reach your current goal, you'll likely realize that you want more. So just keep at it


is 8% body fat reasonable at 180 pounds? I want to be very lean, and I know to expect a weight of 200 is impossible. would need steroids too achieve that size and leaness lol. I like the simple routine, deadlifts and bench and squats are what I call "the meat and potatoes" of bodybuilding. good stuff


Don't consider anything impossible. I'm assuming you're really new to this whole thing as you'll find that the majority of the serious posters on this site who are drug free are hovering around 200 lbs or more and are certainly rocking a level of leanness.

What you should expect is to have to get to 200 lbs or more for your goal to be realistic. Assuming you're staying drug free, you're likely to lose some muscle in your eventual cut.

Seeing as you like the compound lifts, look up 5/3/1 if you haven't already. It's a great program and will get you started on gaining strength and size


Start squatting and eating like it's your job. Oh, and get rid of your landline to save $$


?? Fast = 1 or 2 years in bodybuilding terms, you should know that


Give the Anabolic Diet a try - it's perfect for someone who wants to be lean, and is also looking to make slow and steady lean gains..

I'm on it, and I've dropped back to 200lbs without muscle loss.. It's a great diet. Google it and download a pdf version of the book - you can find one for free on google.

But yeah, you've got to enjoy it, enjoy the training, it's a long term thing..
One bit of advice for training, watch a few youtube clips before gym each day of the excercises you will do in that workout - getting good form and understanding how to hit your muscle properly is soo important

good luck!


ok my man, if your goal is strength, get on a serious strength program! 5/3/1 is great and I would highly recomend that. If you look into that and you dont like the look of it Westside for skinny bastards is something that keeps it fun and constantly changes things up. With strength programs YOU NEED TO EAT! Any diet works as long as you stick to it. Keep your protein high(1.5-2x BW) and take in lots of healthy fats. Eat 5 - 6 whole meals a day. your just starting out so your gains should come quick. Good luck! If you want anymore help let me know


MY diet. starts at 9am and meals go 2.5hrs to 3hrs apart.
I do 20 mins of cardio 3x a week, and I'm painting for the summer sweating it outside on commercial buildings/warehouses.
I also drink roughly 3L of water a day. sooo ye take a look eh

Meal #1 (9am)
1 Whole Wheat Bagel
1 1/3 cup of Shredded Wheats with 1 SCOOP of Whey (20g protein)
handful of blueberries
3 Cups of 1% Milk
2 fish oil caplets

Meal #2

1 cup of Whole Wheat Rice
1 Large size Chicken breast. (30g protein)
Handful of Carrots

Snack before lunch Protein Shake FULL SCOOP (50g Protein)

Meal # 3
Salad with assorted veggies
Whole Wheat lunch bun (no butter)
Whole Can of Tuna on Salad (16g Protein)

Meal #4 (Pre Workout on workout days)

Medium size steak (no sauce)
1 cup Brown Rice
Handful of Brocoli (not cooked raw)
1 shake Creatine with a sweet water downed juice

POST WORKOUT Shake of Whey ends the day.


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