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Critique on Squat Form


I have been wondering lately if I'm actually squatting correctly. I'm not hurting or anything, in fact I feel great but I would like someone out there to tell me what I'm doing wrong (if anything?) as to prevent bad habits and/or injuries in the future.

Thanks in advance for the feedback/comments!


From what I can see you break with your knees and not with your hips thats mistake #1
You lose your back arch whan you are in the hole thats mistake #2
Whan you get out of the hole (the buttom position) you rise with your hips first than you are GM
ing the weight thats mistake #3.
Thats all i can tell from this angel , maybe somebody else can add things that i missed.
My opinion (if you care for it) drop the weight and relearn how to squat.



If you start out by creasing the hips, and intentionally sit BACK and not DOWN until you get to parallel, I think that'd fix most of your form. Then you really just have to make sure you get deep enough.


Thanks a lot for the replies guys. There is no doubt that I am willing to drop the weight if it means relearning how to squat.

If I try sitting back is it normal to get some pain in the groin area once I'm done?

Also @SirFlexAlot I'm not sure what you mean by this statement: "Whan you get out of the hole (the buttom position) you rise with your hips first than you are GM`ing the weight thats mistake #3." Can you elaborate on it?



He's saying that from the bottom, your hips start to move up before the weight...which turns the exercise into a good-morning instead of a squat.


sucks that your gym plays such crappy music...
I am by no means a squatting expert but the other thing i think hurting you is your keeping the bar too high causing you to lean foward when you try to come back up. Maybe set the bar lower on your back to keep yourself balanced....anyone else agree?




When you come up look up at the top of the rack and as others have said the motion is in your hips, think of coming up and humping the air when you lock out at the top of your rep. also try front squats, those are pretty much impossable to skrew up.


Agree, the arch kinda stands out, maybe try a bit wider stance also, it helped me get proper form easier. Looks good otherwise though, youre going all the way the down, which is already better than a lot of people


I have the same problem you do -- my hips tend to come out of the hole first. Driving my head back into the bar and pause squats ensuring that I come out of the hole properly have both helped quite a bit.


Thanks for all the tips guys. I really appreciate them :smiley:

@coolhuntington: I'm currently front squatting now to get used to not using my hips so much as I am coming out of the hole.

@rasta: Thanks, I'll try widening my stance a little and see how it goes. I really do feel like I am standing a little too narrow sometimes.


Number 1 isn't always a mistake, knee break isn't bad if that is the style you are using. OP, what is the main purpose of your squat (move most weight, quad work, etc.)?


I just want to move the most weight. Would a knee break be bad in that situation?


not bad at all, however some people do find the hip break more efficient to move the heaviest load.....give them both a try and see what feels the best......most squats are a combo of the two types anyway. But a knee break isn't a bad thing like some make it out to be (unless you have a history of knee problems). The main thing is hitting depth with good form. From the video, just work on coming out of the hole so your hips don't rise faster than the rest of your body.


and try to keep your lower back arch a little tighter.


Hey everyone! Just came back from a workout and just wondering if this is any improvement from my old technique.

I tried to keep my hips from going up faster than the rest of my body and hope its noticeably different from last time.

It's still rather difficult for me to keep my lower back tight but I tried it in this video and hopefully it shows.

What do you guys think? Is it better? I know it takes time to fix something that I've been doing since I've started training, but might as well see if I'm going in the right direction!


Yes, form looks like its improved

Question, was these 2 videos taken at the same time?
Both of you are wearing the same exact clothes.


Haha not at all! We just happened to have worn the same clothes.


Looks good! you could tell you were really trying to keep your arch tight.