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Critique on My Tren PCT


for the purpose of strength alone with little weight gain i will be doing a 10 week cycle of tren ace ONLY. Some people on this forum have already advised me against this cyle due to sides; however, i have a few personal sources that tell me otherwise so ive decided on taking tren alone.

my question is on the pct. I plan on using Nolva as well as 1mg a week of adex. would this be sufficient? is adex really necessary? im tight on money so im looking for the cheapest option. I would greatly appreciate any advice or input.


Sounds like you have already chosen to ignore the advice of those on this forum.

Why should anyone here bother giving you any more?

(legit question)



Sounds like you and the people around you must obviously know more than the majority here.

Why not ask them since they are in fact the ones suggesting this horrible cycle for you.



you just want to hear what you wanna hear, no room for suggestions.


Did they also tell you they don't much enjoy sex?


your personal sources are fucking idiots.

You will not use Adex with tren , please tell me why this is.

Enjoy your limp dick and mediocre results


Bad idea. Go back to the drawing board...


So after ignoring the first batch of advice, why would you post even more questions?

If you have a girlfriend/woman of some description I strongly suggest you use at least some test. Why wouldn't you anyway?


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Awwww mannnnn

This was a perfect thread for me to be an 'asshole, sarcastic dick, condescending prick, self-righteous loser' but after 8 posts the novelty is lost....



can i just say a quick - Cunt?




Having run tren alone before.... jesus fucking christ this is a bad idea. Get some fucking test.