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Critique on KB and Running Program

I’d like some critique on the following program that I’m looking to take up in the next couple days. First I’ll give you some background info and then I’ll get into the program. I’m 23 years old and am what I like to call an ex-athlete. I am one of those guys who made it through high school as a very talented and blessed athlete, but then entered college and now graduate school and it slowly slipped away (that’s a passive comment, it was actuallly 100% my fault). I’m currently around 242 pounds and around 16-17 percent bodyfat. I still have an impressive amount of muscle (genetics and a gift from God) considering I haven’t consistently trained for about two years, but my work capacity is severely low. While gaining a stronger work threshold, I’d also like to drop down to around 215 and drop the fat % of course.

The program would alternate between Kettlebells (55’s) on MWF and Running/Body Calisthenics on TTS. Rest on Sundays. Kettlebell workouts would be nearly identical to Mahler’s EDT+Kettlebell workout and running would be a staggered progression up from one mile to four in approximately 16 weeks. Body calisthenics (Push-ups, Sit-ups, etc.) would be used to cover the movements not hit by kettlebells. I’m afraid that many will write back saying that this is overtraining. Please do so if this program falls into that category.

As for nutrition, I’ve started using Low-Carb Grow! and Surge with the current workouts I’m using. I’d say that supplements cover maybe 20% of the diet. Other than that its pretty basic. Most carbs coming from fruit and veggies and protein is lean meats, milk, and eggs. Recuperation sleep is usually about 7 hours.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

7 hours is a bit low, you know. The difference that an extra 2 hours of sleep makes is truly impressive.

Your routine looks good to me; you might consider doing Mike Mahler’s High Octane Cardio with burpees (also known as squat thrusts) on some of your running/calisthenics days. HOC-style circuits have developed my work capacity better than anything else I have ever done.

Another workout option for the weightlifting part of your program would be Chad Waterbury’s “Outlaw Strength & Conditioning”. Use the search engine or look under the Authors section.

I appreciate your help greatly. Thanks a lot.