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Critique of Recent Blood Work on TRT

Hey all!

Been on trt 60mg t.prop per week for around 3 months now.

Just thought I would upload my bloods to see if all looks ok to you trt connoisseurs lol.

I feel low end test tbh-a little better than normal so was going to up to 100mg-thing is I did this first month and I was hitting 70nmol of test -wtf?!


E2 looks low, you on an AI or e2 control?

Yes I just recently started adex @ 1mg p/w

Thing is it went up to 65pmnol 2 months ago.
Think go .5mg p/w?

Not familiar with those values, (im assuming your UK or Canada) . But you don’t want to have too low E2.

How do you feel? Any fatigue, dry knees/eyes/skin? Popping joints.

I’m uk based-my knees pop and do feel a little tired but then That was the same at the start of trt-my age I guess-38 lol

Your estrogen converts to 5 pg/ml. When you decided to start taking an AI, your estrogen converts to 17.7 pg/ml. Most feel best between 20-30 pg/ml. Why did you start taking an ai?

Drop your AI for a few weeks and then get bloodwork done before adding anything new. At your T dose, you may not need an AI

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I was feeling really low,slightly depressed and with bloat.
I figured my E2 was high so just started 1mg p/w of adex.
Felt a lot better and now look better-but if it’s so low after only 2 weeks I am guessing that may be way to much for me-sound right?

That feeling wasn’t caused by high estrogen. 17 pg/ml is a touch low. You likely don’t need an AI. Don’t blame being bloated on estrogen. It may be your diet or that you just hold more fat than you’d like to think. I look better dehydrated too, so I understand that mindset. It’s also worth mentioning that low estrogen can cause many of the same symptoms as high. It’s all about balance. Was your estrogen test marked as male sensitive array?

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You need to see if you even NEED an AI. TRT takes months to stabilize. I have noticed also that e2 is not predictable. Even on a stable schedule, e2 may go up and down. So give it some time to see where you are at on no AI, if you start having itchy nipples, emotional crying, limp dick and bloat, then you have a problem. But give it a little time to stabilize.

Hey hostile-thanks for getting back.
No my Estriadol was not marked at all.
I since found out it is on the low side,but the blood test at the doctors did not even measure e2,I did this privately.
When I enquiries why not the doctor said it doesn’t really matter-guess the uk got a bit of catching up to do lol

Hey alpha gunner cheers for advice.
I get my e2 is low but honestly I do not want that low feeling back and this has sorted it.
I will def Reduce the dosage though .

You now have 4 threads in this forum. You need a single thread for your case for several reasons. Is there another thread where we have worked on you issues in detail? If so, this should have been there.

On TRT LH/FSH–>zero so testing is useless.

self inject 50mg T twice a week, subq not IM, #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringe
0.25 or 1/8th mg anastrozole at time of T injections

You may be an anastrozole over-responder and may need to go as low as 1/8th mg with each T injection.

To manage your anastrozole doses dissolve in vodka 1mg/ml and dispense by volume or by the drop.

" I just recently started adex @ 1mg p/w"
You need to make an effort to explain exactly what you were taking/doing for the lab work. We cannot be precise if you are not.

Do labs halfway between injections. Timing at doctors visit can be wrong.

You need steady T levels for anastrozole to work properly.
With injections once a week, T levels change a lot so lab results are greatly determined by lab timing and thus not very useful. So you got that big WTF.

What was lab timing for the above labs?

Hi Ksman.
Thanks for the advice.
The Fsh and LH came as part of a whole hormone check-I expected it at zero or very low so had not requested it.

Yes I got 4 threads I believe-thought I had to start a separate one for each topic-will stick to one so noted.

Your protocol is pretty similar to what I do except I use t.prop 3x p/w rather than t.Cyp twice a week and yes sub q also.

That’s interesting about dissolving adex in vodka.I will do that as presently using water and taking at time of each injection.

My blood test was done on one
of the days between injections,in the early afternoon so test probably dropped a little.

Cheers again

Ok so looking more into low e2 and it seems it’s actually pretty dangerous.
I will try mine getting a little higher by stopping the adex for a while.

But the question I got is-if my e2 was low when I was at double the natural high end of testosterone(70.1nmol)how would I even raise it to a normal level and be in a testosterone normal level?

Cross that bridge when you need to and be methodical. Get off the AI, wait a few weeks and retest numbers with male sensitive array for e2. Reassess then with the new data.

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