Critique of My Program. Intermediate?

Can you please tell me whether my new program is appropriate for an intermediate lifter (according to Rippetoe’s standards) in terms of frequency and recovery?

I am inexperienced when it comes to exercise order but after anaysing routines by Yates and Columbo I noticed patterns (pull ups and rows preceding deadlifts, etc.) which I tried to copy.

My older program: each body part is trained every 5 days.
Reps: 6X5 or 4X8
Routine is a Dorian Yates recommended template with my own content.

My new program: each body part is trained every 3 days.
Reps: 6X5 or 4X8

I thought that a novice can recover in 48 hours but I cannot do the overhead barbell press 2 days after incline benching at all; hence, it seems that 72 hours might be better as recommended by Westside Barbell.

I would appreciate an honest critique of the new program and whether you believe I should replace the older one with it.

Thank you

I dont see a program. I see a list of exercises.
Whats the progression model? Percentages or something? Anything?

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For example, on dumbbell bench press I train to failure with 4 sets of 8.
40kg/x = 50kg
x = 4/5
This means I am training at 80% of my 1 rm.

All compound lifts are about 80-85% of 1 RM. Not all lifts are taken to failure. Certain ones are 6X5 at 80% not to failure and some are 4X8 at 80% to failure.

The progression is to add 1-2 kg to all lifts whenever I can and do progressive overload.


So you are using a basic linear progression like people do who just start the gym? You said you are intermediate. I believe intermediate is a person who no longer can just add weight in a linear manner.

Anyways, i dont see much to critique - linear progression is the very first progression model everyone ever uses. Works well for beginners or undertrained people, i see nothing wrong with this if it still works for you.

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Maybe you should ask Coach Thibs about one of his routines.