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Critique of My Daily Full Body Routine


Quick backstory:

I started with Stronglifts about 2 years ago, after knowing nothing about training. My goal was to become a bit stronger and get a bit leaner. I’m not overtly interested in hypertrophy since I don’t compete and am not really interested in supplements and counting the rice grains and weighing my chicken breasts and whatnot.

I eventually found Starting Strength after finding Stronglifts just too time-consuming (1.5 hours in the gym). But I didn’t like Starting Strength too much because it seems to be focused on sports players and squats.

But I like the 3-set simplicity. And I don’t like spending more than an hour in the gym, since gyming is part of my lifestyle and not a primary focus in life.

I eventually decided, after some reading, that “overtraining” is mostly rubbish unless you’re a hardcore competitor lifting mammoth weights. Besides, soldiers train all the time, constantly, and don’t even eat THAT well. And a lot of them have great physiques and strength. We’ve become too technical and post-modern.

I ended up with the following template:
Workout 1 - Bench press, Pendlay rows, Squat (all 3 sets of 5, excluding warmups)
Workout 2 - Shoulder press, weighted chin-ups, weighted dips, deadlift (as above, except deadlift, which is 1 set of 5 excluding warmups)

Repeat and rotate every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday. Each week, I increase my weights by 2.5kg across the board, unless I’ve failed (and chin-ups go up by 1.25kg). Reason I increase weekly is because I’m not in a rush, and I use the repeat-days to practise my form.

And I’m out of the gym in an hour.

I’ve been doing this for about a month and feel better than when I went 3 times per week. It seems to burn more calories and I “think” I’m making better gains. I need a bit more time.

After this long post, I’m just wanting some feedback on my routine. Thoughts / crits are very welcome. For example, if you think I should replace chins with pullups. Or if you think I need fewer compound movements. And so on.

I don’t know anyone who does this routine, but it seems to incorporate the major compound movements and I do my full body every day.

You guys are the pros. Fire away.


It will work if you are weak enough. Otherwise 2-3x deadlift per week is too much.



You are combining and not thinking long term.

Lots of info on full body training on this site. Look up Waterbury. I believe Colucci (spl) has one also?!