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Critique of Front Squat


I lose the bar forward as the weight gets heavier and sometimes my depth is a bit high.
I am still struggling quite a lot with the rack postion.


i could only watch the first video. the other two say they are private

1st) do your knee wraps limit your ROM? I found that they did for me so I only use knee sleeves if I have to

2nd) try pushing the bar with your hands towards your throat and pushing the elbows up. As long as its not making you dizzy it will help.

3rd) next time please take a video from a better angle and let the camera rest on a chair or something. Camera at hip height and at 45 degrees from the front towards the side works fine.

4th) was that a near max attempt? Its pretty often that the upper back will buckle in at near max attempts for most lifters.


Thanks for the feedback Lordstorm. The other videos are open now. I will try get a better angle next time. I am don't normally use the wraps but I felt a little beat.
I find it almost impossible to pushup by elbows up further , it gives me elbow tendonitis.
I think I may be able to do more but it was definitely a maximum for the day.

I have been practicing slightly above paralle front squats onto a bench with 150kg maxium. So I am hoping to move a lot more soon. I am 95kg so I know I a fair bit overweight.

I find if I take the grip in further it ends up pinning my fingers against my shoulder.


elbows look high enough to me. looks like your back isn't set when you start the lift. get the back as tight as possible before you start the lift and remember its a different lift from the bsq which means you have to stay as tall as possible.


pushing your elbows up gives you tendonitis? that.. doesn't make sense. Tendonitis happens over a very long period and is basically a lot of inflammation gathered up at the tendon from overuse. I don't get how you would get tendonitis in the elbow from.. front squats. There is practically almost zero pressure at the elbow joint.

I personally find it better though I didn't suggest this. I hope you aren't misunderstanding pushing the bar with your palm towards your throat.

Also I don't see much point in going just parallel or doing Box(or bench in this case) front squats.

Set the back tight, keep the barbell where it should rest and come up. Sometimes the upper back will still buckle when going maximum or near failure. You can help this by doing less weight and focusing on it specifically to strengthen it.


i have this problem too. my legs are totally strong enough but my back just rounds and its over. is this just a practice makes perfect thing?


set the back properly and get stronger abs....it will work.


First of all, ROTATE your camera/phone so I don't have to turn my neck!!! This is not hard!!!

Secondly, don't take the bar out of the racks that way, face the rack so you back up to start your lift and walk forward when you re-rack the bar. Also, quit fiddling with the bar so much. Get in position and go!!

Third, play with your grip a little and find a better position. Cock your head back and stick your chest out more and get those shoulders forward to rest the bar on. I think your leaning/hunching because you're not getting that chest/shoulders out.