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Critique of Casey Viator Training Someone?

Dr. Darden,

can you critique this video of Casey Viator training an athlete…pro’s and con’s of the cadence, form, exercises, etc

thanks in advance, dan

I agree with Brian’s critique.

Did I miss something here? I don’t see Brian’s critique ? I’m assuming Brian Johnston’s Critique?

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What are your thoughts on this video Dan?

there is a another video with Brians commentary


i think its one of best videos of HIT out there that i could find. here is my thoughts

-the cadence could have been a little quicker, like 2/4, it seems Trevor was doing like 5/5 in the video.
-it does not appear there was enough emphasis on the negative other than the negative dips.
-his cardiovascular system was fatiguing too quickly, it could be because he never performed a workout like this…therefore after two or three weeks of performing this style of training his lungs would be used to it…i remember feeling like this years ago and also after doing an xforce workout…i almost felt like this the first week of 30-10-30 because i was using too much weight to start with
-i wish these double machines would still be available widespread, they were definitley the best in my opinion.
-also thought the form was perfect


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So do I. FWIW

I’m with you on those Nautilus duo machines. They were the best. And this video is THE best HIT trainer I’ve seen. My main critique is that that set of Smith Mach Squats was completely unnecessary, especially after that killer superset on the Nautilus. And so were the LP drop sets!!

I hate Smith mach squats anyway. But to me, they (and the drop LP) sucked unnecessary energy from the rest of the workout. I’d bet you, that if that set and the LP drop had been left off, many of the comments about that poor guy sucking eggs would not be applicable.

You MUST pace yourself in these workouts. If you start with a big bang like that Leg Ext/Leg Press SS, then you need to follow with a low-cardio loading exercise before proceeding onto more hard stuff. I usually put Calves or Tibia after heavy DLs or Squats (respectively), so I can “catch a breather” before I go on to my heavy upper body work.

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So the video with Brian’s critique looks just like this one on YouTube but it says commentary . It seems to be another video showing how to “ kill” someone by putting them through a very hard workout they are not ready for . Brian has great commentary ! It’s cool to see Casey for sure but in my opinion not to useful unless you are listening to Brian’s critique . Neat to see them using machines I still use!!

I am envious that you have access to those machines

Michael Petrella’s gym in Canada ( I think?) has just about the greatest collection of the old Nautilus.

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Chad Tuzzo has nautilus gym in Quincy Illinois that has a great collection, seen pics

I wish I could find someone in South Florida that has them, :laughing:

And to think there used to be a million of them down in Florida !

Ahhh the good old days of looking for cheap nautilus machines the minute I got up everyday and driving hundreds of miles to get them !!

I still look for the compound bicep and tricep but nobodies practically giving them away like the other machines!

IMO, for what that’s worth ($0.02), the most critical Nautilus machines are, 1st and most critical, the Pullover Machine, and 2nd the Hip and Back Machine.

I love my Next Generation Nautilus Pullover machine! This machine operates smoothly! Time after Time!

I have a pristine Nautilus Duo - Hip & Back machine. Needs needle bearings and cable conversion. Caster wheels, powder coating would perfect this machine, which makes the hip thrust exercise Paleopathetic.

I watched the video with Brian’s commentary. There is one comment that I would disagree from the commentary. Brian makes a comment about rep ranges and time under tension. He describes that people should do reps only 5-8 reps at a slower cadence of 5/5. However, he says that a person should not go past 40 seconds while 80 seconds is too much time under tension. Since a full rep takes about 10 (5 seconds up and down) seconds and applying that to his rep range guideline would mean a minimum of 50 seconds to 80 seconds. Dr. Darden recommends time under tension to be 60-80 seconds in his latest book.

To be perfectly honest I found the video very disappointing even with Brian’s commentary. Casey was just sort of there looking bored and the guy doing the work wasn’t ready at all for that workout. They should have waited until the guy got more used to the routine or found another bodybuilder and shot it again. Everybody knows being thrown into a Jones type workout will be a killer, what did it prove?

What did you expect to see?