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Critique Odd Workout


For the next couple of months I'll be playing alot of lacrosse, and be using an inseason workout I made.

After that I was thinking about making a program that trains for more useful things ("functional" as some people call it). I'm not saying more useful compared to the program I'm doign now, which should help alot for lacrosse, but more useful for day to day things than the average workout. Of course my goals aren't BBing. I don't mean I'll be stopping all weights, but I'll be changing it up. Here is what I plan on doing.

JOG (1-2/week): Until it gets too cold. Jogs will probably last 30 minutes.

GPP (1-2/week): Burpees, Plyometrics, sprints, Shouldering weights (heavy bag, stones, logs, etc.), Sledge hammer work, hitting heavybag, jump rope, sled dragging.

GYM (1/week): Olympic lifts, Deadlifts, Squats, Grip work, Ab exercises.

SWIM (1-2/week): Until it gets too cold. Swimming will probably last 30 minutes.

BW (1/week): Pushup variations, Neck bridge variations, Pistols, GHRs, Inverted row variations, Hand stand pushups, Ab exercises.*

CLIMB (1/week): This will be completely different. I'll just go out and climb. Trees, Ropes, Buildings, Fences, Monkeybars, etc. It should build a strong upperbody. It should also raise my strength to BW ratio. *Because of this day, I'll make BW day more Press oriented.

REST (1-2/week): ...

How do you guys think of a program like this. It's probably alot different than what you're use to. Any thoughts or tips about this program would be good.



I don't like it so much. It's an inseason program that has you training between 6 to 9 sessions per week. On top of lacrosse practice and games, that's a whole boatload to recover from.

Assuming you have one or two practices per week, as well as a game each week, I don't see the point (or need) for the jogging and the swimming and the g.p.p. and the climbing day (though, that is a clever concept that I may need to steal), especially training all those methods on different days.

A routine of this sort might be more beneficial in a pre-season, or as a transition at the end of the season. But for in-season work, I'd stick to 2 or 3 low volume sessions hitting weights and or bodyweight stuff each workout. The focus of in-season should be your sport itself.

P.S. - Since you play lacrosse, a pickup game of basketball or something similar would also "qualify" as G.P.P. Just had to throw that in for brain-food. :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

I was planning on using this AFTER lacrosse season. So All I'd have is 1 hockey game a week.


During lacrosse I'm doing 2 Fullbody Workouts a week with no cardio other than lacrosse.