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Critique Nutrition/ Workout ?

Background information:
I’ve been workout out since I was 16 by 18 got my weight to 189 %12 bf (5’10) with stats of
DL:475 BP: 335 Sq: 365

After football season my weight dropped to 170.
I recently quit football because I had ,had enough and want to have my entire focus on my physique/lifting.

After quitting

I began tracking my macros and calories religiously ( 2700) , I lost 5lbs though but was regaining my strength back. Was at 165lbs

I upped my calories to 2800-2850 ( C-245g, P-280,g F- 80g)

I’m currently 167 at about 9-10% bf.

A regular day of eating looks like :

3 Eggs
1Cup of egg whites
1Cup of greek yogurt with scoop of whey
1Cup of Oats
1tsbp Olive oil
Sweet potato ( 250-400g)
Ham/Beef- 20g protein or 4-6oz of chicken breast
3White Corn Tortillas
6oz of Chicken Breast
1.5-2cups of milk with 3 scoops of whey
Almonds or peanut butter
1-1.5 Gallons of Water
Fish Oil

My training regime looks like
Military Press 5/3/1
DB press 4x12
Side laterals/ Rear 4x12
Preacher Curls 4x 10
20-50 pull ups

Deadlift 5/3/1
db row 4x12
lat pulldown 4x10
goods morning 4x10
hanging leg raises 4x12
Pullups 20-50
Farmers Walks- 30yds x 3

Wed: Rest

Bench 5/3/1
Dips 4x 10
Db incline 4x8
cable cross covers 4 sets failure
tricep pushdowns 5x20
Pullups 20-50

Friday: Squat 5/3/1
Leg press 5x15
Leg curls 5x15
Leg extension 4x12
Leg raises 4x10
Pullups 20-50
Farmers walk 30s x 3

Nothing set in stone usually freestyle
But always pull up challenge 40-50 pullups in 5 min

My goal is to gain size but not get crazy fat, I’m not scared to lose visibility of my abs, basically lean bulk. Am I doing to much volume? Anything you guys could recommend on my nutrition and or on workouts.

Thanks in advance!

If you have had 335 bench & 475 deadlift at 189 and 18 years old, just keep doing what you been doing

Only a couple of possible recommendations.

  1. I would prefer potatoes and rice to oats and corn when possible. There are microwaveable rice trays at whole foods that taste great and are ready in 1 min. You can also microwave a potato in a bowl with a little water and a plate on top in 5-6 minutes.

  2. I’d say a little more than 80 grams of fat. Try a little coconut butter, grassfed cow butter (Kerigold) (on a potato for example), or just go for 6 whole eggs instead of the whites. I’m talking about 100-200 extra cals from fat a day. Also if you like beef liver you can get frozen slices and use it in place of beef or ham 1-2 times a week to give you plenty of vitamin A.

  3. You have no greens, and no fruit phyto-nutrients. Biotest Superfood might be a good suppliment.