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Critique Next Bulking Cycle

Hi, looking for any advise on my next planned cycle, this will be my 5th cycle, I am 25, 6ft, 220lbs approx 12-14% bf. It will be a bulking cycle and i plan to run it for 16 weeks, here it is

Tbol - 50mg - wk1-4 & wk10-14
Test E - 600mg - wk 1-16
Eq - 600mg - wk 1-16
Deca - 400mg - wk 1-14

Aromasin 12.5mg Eod
Hcg - 500iu - 3-18 (250iu x 2)

Novla & Caber on hand

PCT - wk 20-25
Novla - 40/40/20/20/20
Clomid - 50/50/25/25

Liv support - Tudca - throughout

Any advise appreciate, thanks in advance

Why is the tbol at the end as well as the beginning? And is there a reason for only 400 deca?

Hi mate, i was going to use the tbol at the start as a kickstart, and then towards the end of the cycle when progression starts to stall to give me that final boost, it also gives my liver a good break from orals. I was going to keep Deca at 400mg as my Test is only at 600mg, and most advise keeping test higher to prevent deca sides. I could higher Test to 750mg and Deca to 600mg ? Would that be a better option ?

I’m running deca 600 and test 600 and things are clever so far. I’ve just heard that deca needs a higher dose, like 600 is minimum… just broscience as far as I know…

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Ok thanks mate maybe ill play with the doses a bit and up my deca after 4 weeks see how my body reacts