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Critique Needed 35+ Lifter

I am almost 40 and have been training for 6 months after years of doing nothing but some running. My routine is lifting 3x week alternating upper and lower body. My focus is on compound exercises:

Squats - either 4x10 with 60secs or 5x5 with 90secs
Deadlifts - same as above
Superset of Bulgarian split squats and leg curls - same format as above

Superset of Dumbell bench and cable row
Superset of pullups and dips
Superset of shoulder dumbell presses and lateral raises

Days in between I run 3-3.5miles at a slow pace. I have been taking around 4grams of creatine a day.

I guess my question is what a realistic expectation should be of progress and how does the routine look? I am 6’1’ and about 200lbs. I gained about 15lbs after starting creatine and I guess it is a balance of water retention and some muscle.

I have poor genetics on arms and legs and am trying to add some muscle and strength. My goal by xmas is to single rep max bench 250lb and squat 300lbs. Right now, I work up 85lb dumbells x 5reps and 205lbs x 5 reps on squats (i could probably do plates).


What kind of result purely individual and depend on you. How hard you train, how much attemtion giving to nutriton etc, rest recovery. Runs the gammaot could in one combe be best program even in another not woth a schit