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Critique My WSFSB


I'm gonna be doing West Side for Skinny Bastards, Here is an example on my 3 day schedule.

I thought it would be nice to switch things up. What do you guys think? I figured it'd be easier on me since i train bjj. I just want to gain some strength and add a bit of size, And I love how this program incorporates other body parts in it instead of the basic 5x5, so yeah it's nice.

July 6-10 Workout A B C
July 13-17 Workout B A D
July 20-24 Workout D B C
July 27-31 Workout A B C

Max effort Upper A
Max effort LOWER body B
Repetition UPPER body C
Dynamic LOWER Effort D


In week II and III you're doing WO D back to back, plus you're doing it only two times...As a rule of thumb, the first time you try a program, follow it to the T, then adjust it to your needs. Just my 0.2$


oops, i gotta fix that.
i have tried this 4 days in a row. i get beat when i try to train


I love when people take something like ws4sb and tweak it before they really know anything about it.

That's my comment and critique.


Lol true. WS4SB is a fundamental of basics. Its a template to be followed not tweaked because its been proven to work. Actually do a programme first before changing it.


Are we talking about this: http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/38-articles/65-westside-for-skinny-bastards-part3.html ?

Right from the site:

MONDAY â?? Max-Effort Upper Body
TUESDAY â?? Dynamic-Effort Lower Body
THURSDAY â?? Repetition Upper Body
FRIDAY â?? Max-Effort Lower Body
SUNDAY â?? Off

You can also split up the training like thisâ?¦

MONDAY â?? Max-Effort Lower Body
WEDNESDAY â?? Max-Effort Upper Body
FRIDAY â?? Dynamic-Effort Lower Body
SUNDAY â?? Repetition Upper Body

You're not supposed to train four days in a row.


i have done four days you fool, did you just not read above?
And it is allowed to be a 3 day template you jackass, i figure just switching it up so you can get a mix would benefit alot than just doing the same thing.


and you would be wrong. Hollow it for a min of 4 months, preferrably 6, then come back... Till then dont waste time trying to tweak something that is based on years of experiance when you have nill...



Lol.....4 days lolll...

Im on this template for the last 3 years..my favorite with Wendler 5/3/1...

What is your goal?

Are you a athlete or a physique geek?

If your a athlete...follow the template as written...it works!!
If your a physique geek,,meatheads template..you can add a few workout to your training week..extra arms,calves,shoulder..or even high reps squatting...depends on your goal also..

even if you tweak it..nothing beat intensity in the gym!


I agree you said you train in BJJ. WS4SB was made for skinny athletes who want to get build strength and power for there chosen sport. It doesnt need to be changed. I do believe theres a three day version try going on defrancos page i'm pretty sure you can find it there.


4 days. classic!